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New And Improved Ez-B!

Quoted from the store:
"EZ-B v4
120MHz, 150 DMIPS, unique chip ID#, DAC amplified audio with Speaker for Robot voice, 8 Analog ports, 24 Digital ports, Wifi connectivity, i2c, UART, Resettable fuse protection, Reverse polarity protection, and on-board 3.3VDC"

More ports, additional protection, audio, wifi....all of it is gold to me!



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I totally agree! The Wifi connection alone is great!:)
What are the official measurements of this new board? We were led to believe that's it would be much smaller. I hope that is the case. Could someone at EZ Robot supply a true measurement for this new board? I just pre ordered three of them and I want to know how they are going to fit into my robot.
I have asked @skater_j10 to answer this....
Where did you find the specs? I clicked on store -> Accessories -> Developer Kits and found only a picture, no specs. Same for the ready-made robots, for now no mention of number and type of servos etc.
But it looks great, warming up my credit card in the meantime...
Hey guys, sorry for the delay the dimensions of the both boards (the main EZ-B v4 board and the WiFi/Breakout board on top) are 2.2" across x 2.1" up & down. They both have a matching mounting hole pattern with the holes 40mm from each other center-to-center in both directions. This would make it approximately half the size of the EZ-B v3. Thanks for your interest:) more details to come!
United Kingdom
4 extra ports will be very handy and WiFi, Audio, Video etc. well, the only word that can really sum it up is awesome:)

I will have to wait as I don't have the money for the kit right now and have no requirement for one just yet so that means 1 more person can grab one that bit sooner:) Come December(ish) I should be able to drop some cash on one though - unless money isn't taken until dispatch?
United Kingdom
Where do I 'tick' excited:)
Thanks for the size info. I'm very jazzed.

One more thing; How tall is it? V3 EZB stood very tall with thouse heat sinks sticking up. I was having trouble fitting it into low places. With the double boards this new version still look shorter but by how much?
The old board was roughly 1" tall, the new board should be very close to the same size if not slightly smaller. (Maybe 1/8" at the most)