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New 3D Printing Category

Many of you have been asking for 3D Printing to have its very own section. Well Here it is!:) I'm very excited to see what amazing Designs everyone has been creating and printing.

There have been a few changes to the robots recently, and the EZ-Bits STL's will be published online in the EZ-Cloud shortly. The Revolution Shipping Update video showed some of the changes to JD. Here are some photos up-close.

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This is our 3D Printer Farm!

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We have 5 Makerbot Replicator 2's. They have reached a collective run-time of over 3500hrs

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and my desk were I design all of our plastic parts.

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Don't forget to share your 3D printers with the community we would love to see them :)

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Nice! Will be upgrading a FlashForge dual with the sailfish flash soon and then plan to print the newer .stl goodies in the EZ-Cloud


Awesome @cory. Thanks again for hearing us and making our wishes a reality. So,,,, ez-bits? stls? eta? ;)


A six legged Quad Copter! How cool!


I am happy that you have made a section for us.


In looking through Project Showcase and found this... Traxbot cool 3d printing and using v3 parts.

:):):):) J

United Kingdom

You are just making it even more tempting for me to phone Audi up and say "you know what, the car's fine it doesn't need a service, let's cancel it for now" and buy myself a makerbot instead...

Can't wait to see what everyone does with their 3d printers :)


I would love the idea of a 3d printer and probably would opt for MakerBot as well... The problem is I don't know enough about the software in order to use it... Not saying I couldn't learn... I just wouldn't know where to start. Ok, so stupid question. Since makerbot is kind of the go-to machine, does it come with design software or do I have to spend $$$ more and then learn complicated design software in order to use it?... I was kind of hoping for a neat "all in one package"... Hardware and easy to use software...


You can design with plenty of free software. Actually the only you have to spend money on is the printer and filament. I've not used makerbot's software since the printer is about twice the cost of the solidoodle 2 I can afford. But you can download their software and drop some stl files into it and play around with it. I don't have my printer yet but I've been playing with the software for a couple of weeks now.

Do some research on 3d printing 101. Read up a bunch. Then watch you tube videos.

I'd break the whole thing down for you more but I have dinner calling me and it's using my girlfriends voice so I gotta run.


Hey @rryerson Most Makerbot users like to use Autodesk's free CAD tools called "123d". Do a search to see whats out there and what will work best for your needs. A couple of popular one's are LibreCAD, openscad, and Blender.


@cory Nice 3d printing farm. From what I have seen the makerbot printers are top knock and you can print from a sd card.


The Makerbot Replicator 2 has been really good to us. They do misbehave every once in a while but I have had enough long nights of troubleshooting and research that any issue we run into is now easily fixed within a hour. We even been able to get a faulty circuit board repaired and resembled in that time. Is it cheating if you have one of the most talented Electronics Engineer (@skater_j10) 10 feet away ? :)

We are printing now at a 83% success rate. Which is up from 30%. That's a huge improvement. The next step is to take everything we have leaned and make a bunch of tutorials. My expectations for these tutorials are to be very helpful to a starter and act as a reference for the more advanced user. Some will be written and others will be video. How many are video will depend on how much time I can steal from Jason our media guy. He has been very busy making the Revolution videos. Our first and foremost priority is to get your orders shipped. This means you wont start seeing tutorials until after the manufacturing rush.

As a side note. The new 5th Generation Replicator no longer uses a SD card. You can use a USB drive or over WiFi using a computer or smartphone.


How do you get such good resolution with the rep2, is that at 100microns?

I printed a JD with the old design parts and it turned out ok but not like your pics. What material do you use, brand etc? And do you just use the print specs listed in ARC?



@Robo-doc, did you get your Flash-Forge yet? I absolutely LOVE mine. There was a certain Learning Curve for me.


Already had the FlashForge Create, I just upgraded to Sailfish 7.6 and Replicator 40r.23


me too. But, mine has been down for the last 3 weeks. LCD board or cable. I bought the parts and expect them next Tuesday.


@Robot-doc&Moviemaker- Are those the firmware and software respectively?


Yes, Sailfish into the printer and Replicator g0040.r23 is the 3D display and slicer.

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I see, thanks for the info. BTW I posted that video of the solidoodle marlin firmware in the other thread.