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That looks nice, but I think if I am not mistaken, you have to wait a YEAR until it is delivered.
and if they reach the death line to have enough money.
Best thing I can say is don't jump for a " new" to the market 3d printer. I have and it was a rough first printer experience. Makerbot was a much better option. There's no harm in buying slightly used. The retail price of the machines are usually much more than the sum of its parts.
i wonder what happens whit your donation if they dont reach the death line.
are you loosing your donation?
you can now purchase Makerbot 3d printers from Home Depot. Was just announced recently.
hi robohappy

what cost the makerbot3?
I believe its going for about $2900.00. Seems a bit steep price to me.
it would be worth looking at. its not an easy thing to get a printer working well.

I would go with the makerbot 2 over the 2x or 3. The 2 is solid. The 2x that I have access to has issues all of the time.
I won't be buying a 3d printer until a) they are as cheap as fridge and b) they are as reliable as a fridge... The technology needs to mature somewhat still....
The 3 D printer is only part of the overall package that is needed. You also need a 3 D design program to build your parts as well as a good slicer to create the image in a format that the 3 D printer can use. While waiting for a low cost dependable printer ones time could be spent in learning/mastering a 3 D design program.