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Neopixel Control

I see there is a NeoPixel (software) Control Ok - Now what? Board 1, Port D8 -- do I connect my ring here? I see it says, "no" but that was two years ago, before this control appeared...

Is there a hardware component I need to buy because this sounds like hardware: "The NeoPixel controller is a compact ezbit which controls up to 640 neo pixels on 8 different output ports. The compact footprint is designed to fit snug in a female ez-clip." But I can't find it in the product list.

Previous Attempt I have an Arduino Nano & loaded that old forum code and used dedicated UART0 on the EZBv4 with no results. Yes - shared ground. 6vdc to the NeoPixel 16 Ring, 3.3 vdc to the Nano...

There's no NeoPixel tutorial.

I wish the servers were faster. I bet an upgrade is due. I wish the Community SEARCH function didn't return all 113,000 posts when you put a phrase in Quotes like "Init Script". It still returns every post that contains each word in the phrase even if +"the phrase" has a plus sign in front of it, so search is pretty useless this way since the result set cannot be limited. Don't you do FULL TEXT indexing on these posts?

Thanks! Stephen

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Ai answered for you, he deserves the credit:D

However, please use the question mark button on controls to find information. The product in question is listed in the manual page, by pressing the question mark on the control that you're inquiring about.

Every control has a question mark next to the X closing button. Press the question mark to view the manual page on that control.

The forum does not contain manual information for controls. Press the question mark on a control to view assistance on a control. All manual information for controls is in the learn section under ARC Manual.

User-inserted image


Starting in post 37 and going forward...

This is what I use when I have to refresh my memory on how everyone got it to work out.

You really don't need to receive information back from the arduino, so I always just use the send pin connected to the arduino RX pin and ground on ez-b to ground on arduino.

The plugin (I think its the one you are talking about) is for the board that Jeremy is working on.

There is a plugin that I made to help you get the commands right. It is used by connecting the arduino directly to the computer via a ftdi interface. This will bypass the EZ-B but will allow you to test the serial commands directly from the computer to the arduino.


Pin on arduino 6 goes to the neopixel signal ground on neopixel to ground on arduino power on neopixel to power on arduino

Serial is done through the serial and ground pins Serial - RX on arduino to TX on EZ-B or ftdi ground on arduino to ground on EZ-B or ftdi you will need to supply power to the arduino (depending on which model you have and if you are connecting through an FTDI interface that supplies power or not)

From there the commands are in the post that I referenced. I think that the sketch has been updated but I haven't revisited it in quite a while.


I'm afraid all of your replies are too incongruous to perceive an answer. ? YES I have read Misc - NeoPixel Controller and I quoted from that info: "The NeoPixel controller is a compact ezbit which controls up to 640 neo pixels on 8 different output ports. The compact footprint is designed to fit snug in a female ez-clip." which implies there is hardware I need but don't have. @DJ " The product is listed in the manual page." leads me to think even more, there is hardware... but where is the 'Manual Page'? Do you have a url? @Cochran it's a sketchy answer if you get my drift... " I think that the sketch has been updated, but..." I loaded the most developed form of the Sketch towards the end of that post onto my Nano, tried the commands... (I had read the whole thing thru)

The only reason I am asking for help is because I need help. I don't know what I don't know. I have a NeoPixel 16 LED Ring. What are the exact, explicit steps I need to take to run it via the EZ-Robot Hardware / Software Platform? Since there is now a NeoPixel Control and allusions to something that "fits snug in a female ez-clip" I expect that all the old UART/Arduino workarounds are obsolete - so no need to send me down that trail. Is there new EZ hardware to go with the NP Control? I'll buy it! Where?

Thx, S~


Please press the ? (question mark) next to the X (close) button on any control to view help. The manual page of all controls displays related products.

Use the scroll bar on your web browser to scroll through the manual page, while reading. At the bottom of all manual pages are related products (if applicable)

You can then click on a related product to view information about the product.

A manual page for all controls lists related products. Here is a screenshot.

User-inserted image

EZ-Robot proudly has every product, control and tutorial linked together. You can even click on products to see related controls and vice versa. The question mark on any control can be pressed to view the manual page of the control, which also contains links to related products (if applicable)

The AI answered your question, so did the question itself. The question has "Neo pixel blaster" selected, which contains the answer to the question. Clicking on the neo pixel blaster will bring you to the manual page for the control, which lists related products (if applicable).


Got it. Had no idea NeoPixel Blaster was a hardware device to control neopixel devices. From the thumbnail image it looked like some other little neopixel arrangement, not a circuit board to control them. I signed up for notification of availability. I get it that you want users to search help first, ask questions later. I'm a coder. I looked everywhere for answers. I've tried various solutions and failed multiple times. So finally I ask for help... I clicked the ? on the control, and found that same post in search. Nothing anywhere said, we have hardware on the way... '

How can a complete newbie customer have any idea what haunts your dreams and days full of more stupid moron support requests? It's revealing for me, being on the other end of this stick...!


Ha - i understand. The neo pixel blaster is pretty fun, there's a video of it on the manual page. I know it's in manufacturing right now. I believe we're only a few weeks out from it being online - that, and a few other items.

Darn, you gave me the credit for answering the question but the A.I. robot did a wonderful job:D



Did the sketch compile on the arduino without any errors?


I may have to give that old arduino method a try. Seems like I am forever buying hardware to run my neopixel ring. Adafruit trinket to arduino micro, to now this. Wonder what the blaster will go for?

Just a side note here but I find the help links in the controls very, um, helpful. Forum search not that great but haven't had to rely on it because the in-program links.



Forum search not that great but haven't had to rely on it because the in-program links.

In another thread, DJ mentioned he has been working on improving the forum search engine, but in the mean time, prefixing a google search with site: is very effective, particularly when looking for words in combination with each other.



Thanks all! @Cochran The script did compile without error. I'm not sure I'm communicating with it properly, or at all. The scripting asks for a port. I'm using the dedicated UART0 so I gave port 0, but I think it wants to see that RxTx on pins D18/D19 so maybe I'll try that today... @DJ yes the AI did point to the answer, and it was right in front of me (but I didn't see it). It took a human to explain about the products at the bottom, the connections between the help ? and the controls and show the pics with the "circles and arrows and a paragraph about each one explainin' what each one was" @thetechguru Yep - I did resort to using the Google search engine without the site prefix and it was pretty good at finding those links! @bhouston - Thx, I'll give this one a try as well...