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Need Help For Wifi Connection

I intent to connect ez-robot to my wifi, so I set the robot to wifi client mode. And I enter the name and password. After I done that and try to connect it, it says: "unable to connect your network." It failed.

However, when my computer try to search ez-robot, I can't find it anymore, it's missing in the wifi list.

Could anybody help me figure this our?

Thank you!


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What colour is the LED on the ezb? If it is NOT blue... you need to reset the ezb by putting a bent paperclip in the reset hole (beside port D0) while the ezb is on... This will put it back in WP mode

It will only be in your wifi list if it is in WP mode (the way it came when you first got it)

You'll need to start over... Are you sure you entered your ssid and password correctly?


I have reset the ezb to WP mode, and I found out the ssid is not spelled correctly.

After I change it, it's connected.

But when I scan the IP address, it couldn't find out the IP address for the ezb.

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Follow the tutorials in the Learn section. They will explain all about how to connect to WiFi.

First check your SSID and password are correct when changing to client mode, bearing in mind these are Case Sensitive.

Once connected the IP scan tool in ARC should find it. If it can't, check your router, it may have the device listed as being attached and assigned an IP.


OK, got it. Thank you all.


You don't scan unless you are in Client mode... after you connect to your ezb from your wifi list go to enter your ssid and password... Th ezb will re boot (into client mode) and now the LED will be green... Now open ARC and scan your network for the ezb...


Can you please follow the tutorial on the LEARN section called EZB v4 WiFi and your questions will be answered:)