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Servo Stops Working While Testing

I got a serious problem recently. Few days ago, I was testing the six. But after about 10 minutes, one of the servos didnt work, its broken. Then I replaced it with another servo. After about 5 minutes, one of the servos didnt work either (not the new one). This time I saw there were some gas coming out. I guess it was burned out. So I stop working...
Install ARC In Ios

Install ARC In Ios

Hi, I just got a question, how can I install ARC into my iphone? Thanks

Rolis Two Wheel Speed Is Different

I got a problem with Roli. When the Roli make forward, I found that its right wheel moves faster then the left wheel! How can I adjust it to make straight forward? Thanks

Robots Exploration

I want to make an exploration project. Basically, one PC will control two ez-robots to search an object, if one robot finds it, it will send confirmation message to the PC, then the PC will send another message to the other robot to stop it. The key point is how to transfer and receive data wireless. Does anyone have any ideas to do this?

Multiple Ez-Robots

I have a question about the sending data between multiple ez-robots. Basically, my PC will connect two or more ez-robots, how can I receive data from one robot and send data to other robots.

Read Distance

I have a simple question, how can I read ultrasonic distance from the sensor?
Distance Sensor

Distance Sensor

I got a problem when I got my distance sensor. Is there any tutorials that teach how to connect the distance sensor in EV4?

Need Help For Wifi Connection

I intent to connect ez-robot to my wifi, so I set the robot to wifi client mode. And I enter the name and password. After I done that and try to connect it, it says: unable to connect your network. It failed. However, when my computer try to search ez-robot, I cant find it anymore, its missing in the wifi list. Could anybody help me figure this...


I just got my EZ-B V4 controller, Im wondering if it can connect to my computer using bluetooth.
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