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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Need Help

Sorry but may i know why my auto positions aren't working in the mobile interface but only the camera is working? i've checked the ports and are connected properly.


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1) What project are you loading?

2) Have you connected to the EZ-B v4 by pressing the Connect button?

3) Does the EZ-B v4 make the connection sound? Consult this video to hear what the connection sound is: Connection Tutorial
Thank you so much for that fast respond but Hmm i think i understand ill try and get back to you if i am still in doubt!
Watch this video starting at 4:00

FYI, please create more descriptive subjects when posting. "Need Help" is quite vague:)
Alright sorry may i know if the way i assembly is wrong or? its walking movement isnt stable it will fall down whenever it start to walk and its starting position is also wierd
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Which robot are you using?
Have you followed the calibration tutorial and calibrated the servos?
Have you fine tuned the servos that still required it after calibration?
Are you using the latest version of ARC and loading the latest Example Project for the robot you are using?
Have you made any changes to the example project?

Those are just a few questions off the top of my head which require answers before we can really help.
JD, yes i have calibrated it and for now the left and right shoulder have some issues like the waving part the position is like this
User-inserted image

and the walking part is also wobbly not stable enough for a few steps
There is also a loud buzz sound when i connect to the ip address, is it normal?

Thanks so much for your help!
Nice pic of JD!:D

Looks like you need to calibrate the shoulders - can you please follow the tutorials on the course page? There are many Lessons that are recommended to follow and become a robot expert:D

Here's a link to the shoulder calibrate lesson: CLICK ME

As for the other lessons, please visit the LEARN section by pressing the LEARN button from the top of this website
Thanks for the reply and i have already calibrated the shoulder and twice to be sure.
I also did follow the tutorial:(
What about the sound coming out from the back of the robot body?
Okay, if you calibrated the servos then his arms are not connected correctly. They should be facing DOWN along his SIDE when initialized

The sound of JD humming is normal - humanoid robots are loud because they use SERVOS to hold their position.

Have you completed the tutorial on Connecting To JD?
Yes i have completed it but both of its hand seem to have some problem like the waving action it will assume the position like the above pic and if i make it walk, it will just fall down on its second or third step,

when i start the connection the arms are facing down as well
User-inserted image
It appears the servos on the arms are not calibrated correctly. When I'm at the office tomorrow I will send you a photo of the position his arms should be in when calibrated correctly.

There is another Lesson that I have to finish tomorrow on how to calibrate his ankles using the software Fine Tune feature. That will be what you will need to help:D
alright thanks so much!
My pleasure:) Now that the robots are shipping, I am spending all of my time creating tutorials and based on the experiences of community members like yourself.

If you complete a Lesson, there is a button at the bottom where you can mark it as Completed. Completed lessons show up in your profile, which help others (including myself) know what lessons you have learned.
This position is after calibration when everything is set to 90 degrees correct?
User-inserted image

but when i click on connect, the position turned to this
User-inserted image

both of its hands will go 90 degrees backwards

FYI i am using ur jd example

i tried using the fine tune but im not sure how it works.
NVM its ok thanks for the help i sort of solved it alr.