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hi guys good evening, my teacher in school asked me why im going to use EZ-robot platform than other like Arduino, RaspberryPi... please help i need detailed answer.... @DJSures

Thank you...

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Fundamentally this is an answer you already know, but perhaps you don't know how to express it? I assume you picked EZ-Robot over those others, correct? What caused you to pick it over the others?

For a list of reason, you need look no further than the home page and the Why Choose EZ-Robot page:

Why Choose EZ-Robot:

Programming in C or Assembler on a microcontroller is tricky and complicated. However, the EZ-B is controlled from either the graphical ARC Software or Visual Studio .Net on your PC. The EZ-B is easily re-usable and does not require flashing or reprogramming per project.

The less time you spend fiddling with compilers, hardware programmers and debuggers, the more time you spend building and designing robotic projects. Do those words confuse you? Compiler? Microcontroller? If so, then the EZ-B is for you!

The EZ-B Project scales from beginner to advanced users. With the purchase of the EZ-B includes lifetime firmware upgrades, you will never again need to buy another robot controller board.

Most of all, EZ-Robot is not just a project... It is a community of like-minded enthusiasts with a passion for robotics. EZ-Robot brings people together from all over the world to make personal robotics a reality. [Visit Community Forum]


@JustinRatliff: i already read that... but what i want to know is the deepest part which i dunno and i need to know about that to impress my teacher about EZ-robot...


Deepest part, I'm not sure what you are getting at.

Perhaps DJSures Own answers in thread 1489 would address your question:

"Arduino and EZ-B are very different - much like EZ-B and Microchip PIC are different. The concept behind EZ-Robot (combining the EZ-B and software) is leveraging the processing power of your computer to compensate for the lack of processing in MicroControllers. The true power of the platform is in the EZ-SDK, but it's only used by a few advanced users and rapid prototyping education/industry organizations we deal with. CMUCam is neat, but again limiting if you're expectations are scalability. You can even connect ROS to the EZ-SDK. And within the ARC, you can create your own controls and customize the environment.

Tethering is actually an interesting word - it has a bad rep but is a very popular and scalable control method. Internationally, advanced robots contain computer's and external hardware I/O. So technically, even our customers (such as NASA and MIT) use a computer with the EZ-B as an external hardware I/O. You'll enjoy having a computer operate the robot in real-time because it provides a graphical interface to "tweak" and "customize" the robot interface. You will always be tweaking values and showing-off the graphics to your friends. Most people are interested in the Project before the robot Smile - You'll get used to the question "How did you do that?", everyone wants to see!

Having the PC also enables so many other control methods. Such as telnet consoles, wii remotes, web servers, speech recognition, etc.. the list is huge and grows weekly. Oh yeah, our Windows 8 tablet (i guess its called Surface now) support is pretty awesome too."

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Easy answer...


The benefits of the EZ-B V4 are on the store pages and in the datasheets within the learn section. The hardware is more advanced than that of the Pi and Arduino.

Not to mention the biggest reason of all to use an EZ-B... the community is second to none, the support you will receive should you run in to any trouble (no matter how small) is almost immediate and of extremely high quality.

Why would you want to use a Pi or Arduino which both require extensive coding and many many months of typing away on a keyboard when you could use an EZ-B V4 which requires less than 30 minutes of clicking and dragging to achieve better results?


Because at EZ-Robot, we care about the future of robotics and make it easy for you to invent robotic solutions... We make robotics possible. That's why.

Arduino? It blinks LEDs.

Raspberry Pi? It's an XBMC media center for pirated video content.


If you are looking for a more technical reason take a look at DJSures notes from Build Release 2014.3.27.00 in thread 5418

"This is an update to the EZ-B v3 firmware in preparation for shipping the v4. As you know, the v4 has amazing bandwidth and super low latency of all asynchronous events (i.e. streaming video, streaming audio, commands, etc.). The bandwidth of the EZ-B v4 is 6.66 mbps, which is a kabillion times faster than the 9600 bps of EZ-B v3. The ARC and EZ-SDK had filters which prevented too much data from flooding the communication channel of the EZ-B v3. Well, I have learned a thing or two while designing the v4.

The communication protocol between the client and EZ-B has always been very optimized and efficient - that was never a concern. However, how the EZ-B internally processes and buffers the incoming commands was improved. While designing the v4, I took advantage of the ARM CPU's many DMA channels. DMA is the Direct Memory Access feature of full featured processors; even found on in your PC. With DMA, the processor does not need to use expensive program instructions to perform simple tasks between Peripherals (hardware) and Memory. The EZ-B v4 has 8 DMA channels actively operating to buffer data between peripherals and the memory... This allow the main program to use it's impressive 120mhz processing speed effectively."


Wow Justin, I wrote that? Sounds smart!:) Almost like I know what i'm doing... Almost!


And you could take a look at the datasheet for the EZ-bv4 :

"The EZ-Bv4 takes robotics to the next level, with Wi-Fi, Video, Audio capabilities, and the standard features you’ve come to love from the previous generation EZ-B. The v4 allows your robot to track objects/motion/colors/faces, speak, play music, move servos, read sensors, control H-bridges and more. Connect your Laptop/PC or Mobile device to the EZ-B v4 through an Adhoc or Client connection over Wi-Fi. Both options can be fully configured with the embedded Web Server. The v4 leverages the power and speed of two 32-bit processors (120 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 and 80MHz Microchip PIC32). It is also very expandable with 3 x I2C headers for additional sensors and displays, 24 multi-use Digital I/O, 8 x Analog-to-Digital and Dynamixel servo support. Let the Robot Revolution begin!"

Arduino and Pi can't compete with those features or specifications when it comes to robotics application.


Hey DJ, don't knock the Raspberry Pi XBMC ... It's providing me with hours and hours of entertainment with Gilligan's Island re-runs...:P And when my Arduino blinks, it's time to give my cat her medicine...;)


Here is why I would use one.

  1. Far more powerful because you have the power of a computer running the processing. As mentioned by DJ, look at all of the truly advanced robotic development and you will quickly see that they follow this model.

  2. Access to a much larger set of data. For example, now that you are doing your processing from a computer, you can now have access to the internet and all of its data, along with databases, text files and other network resources.

  3. Ability to expand. You can have up to 5 V4's working with each other (not physically connected to each other). This allows for much better expandability.

  4. Ability to leverage off of all of the development work that has taken place already allowing you to be years ahead of other platforms. Things like use of GPS, Compass, Sonar, IR, Servos, Serial communication, speech recognition, Microphones, Speech Synthesis, Cameras, HBridges, Floor mapping, MP3 Triggers and the list goes on and on are already there for you to use.

  5. Very easy to program in a scripting language that is very learnable and has a lot of help built into the app.

  6. Programmable components using a number of modern programming languages if you choose to do so.

  7. MULTITHREADING. You can do more than one thing at a time, allowing your robot to handle situations far more smoothly than the other platforms.

  8. More responsive due to the processing of the data taking place on a machine capable of processing a lot of data, and your sensors and other components being able to use that additional processing time.

  9. Great community of people who are willing to help with the issues that you are facing, and they are all in one place instead of spread out over multiple sites.

  10. Have him/her do some research on the history of computers and what the key things were that allowed them to break into the mainstream population. This is what EZ-Robots is doing. Powerful but simple to use. You dont need to know how to program Assembly to be able to use a computer anymore. You dont have to know how to program C to make an incredible robot anymore.


LOL DJ - you said it all my friend and better then we could. But @yatakitombi asks a good fundamental question I bet many educators will have because Lego, Pi, Arduino and Parallax probably currently enjoy a better known educational foot print.

And something those other products have are how to books and student oriented material. Any thoughts or plans or produce those at EZ-Robot? If not anyone interested in writing a book with me?


I am fighting this battle myself. EZ-Robot will become far more well known. It is just going to take time.

The 2 main things that I am stumbling on are

  1. Is there a curriculum for this like the other ones? Please dont take offence if you are an educator but many educators want to be given a curriculum to follow and not have to do that type of work themselves.
  2. Are there competitions like lego and the others have? This one makes me want to put a bullet in my head. I really think these limit the imagination of the student far too much.

In any event, I push forward knowing that it is by far the best robotic platform available, especially for education.


Michael Nelson Curriculum & Instructional Specialist

He is a member on this forum. MNelson33 I think. I asked if they were working on an EZ-Robot Curriculum but havent heard back yet. He might be worth contacting.


Right on @d.cochran! Those are big questions for educators. And not just the class room teacher, but the school board the Principle and so on because the classroom teacher usually does not get to decide. They may have the idea, but someone else has to write the check. And they ask those two questions.

Parents too. I don't doubt if I gave my local school 100 EZ-Robots kits they would not ask those same two questions. And likely without a curriculum and contest they'd let the kits collect dust. stress


if I didnt need to work, I would be working on these two things. It takes a lot of time and energy to tackle these two items, and I know EZ-Robots staff is small and very busy right now.

I am going to be putting forth some effort on the competition side. Every other year there is an international botball tournament 20 miles from where I live. I would love to be able to leverage off of that crowd of like minded people to start another competition that is open to any controller. It would be far more complex competitions than botball. I dont know. I wish I had won the lottery so that I could focus only on these issues, but I havent (dont even play actually).


<<I dont know. I wish I had won the lottery so that I could focus only on these issues, but I havent (dont even play actually).

I'm with you d.cochran!

I've been tinkering with a couple of book ideas for EZ-Robot. I'm just curious if the EZ-Robot staff have any plans for books or curriculum?

Perhaps if a core of us had an interesting in helping create a curriculum we could collaborate and tackle different subjects? That's pretty much how Parallax built up their material base, the customers wrote the books.

Another thought, if author Gordon McComb, writer of the "Robot Builder's Bonanza" series had an EZ-Robot he just might have an interest in writing a book for it. I can reach out to Gordon if the EZ-Robot staff would like me too? Would you guys send him a kit to review and experiment with if he is interested?


@Cochran we are working on the educational activities now that the product is shipping. If we could afford to hire a dozen more staff, it would allow us to get things done quicker. But with the $1.2 million it cost us to create EZ-Robot Revolution in design and manufacturing, it isn't possible to hire more staff just yet.

Our Learn section has been transforming into a achievement based tutorial section with dozens and dozens of tutorials. Chrissi has been working hard on the layout and functions. I have been working on the scripts for the videos. It will be another month or two before the new section is released...

User-inserted image


As far as an ARC book is concerned, maybe we need to keep it in house first... Rich has expressed interest in writing a book on EZ Robot/Builder... I for one would buy his book before any other. Besides DJ, who knows more about ARC than Rich Pyke...


Concern with a book would be the number of changes that ARC has in a month:)


@DJ - That is AWESOME! I fully understand about the staff size issue and wasn't complaining at all. I hope that I didn't come across that way. The last I had heard, you were not going to do anything on this at this time, so I had started working on my own and trying to figure out how I would merge some other material into an EZ-Robot based class. I am very excited to see this happen and would love for my class that starts in three weeks to be able to test things out for you.

A month or 2 out is great. I will fill the class with activities until then.

South Africa

hello i just wanted to know if you can use the EZ-Bv4 to control and use the RoboSapien? :) @DJ Sures


I didn't know if I was allowed to talk about it but yes! My main project for a couple weeks now has been working on this new tutorial system. You'll be able to take a course and get some sort of achievement or recognition that you took the course and know the content. :) We're still ironing it out but it's going to be cool.

P.S. That bug where DJ's name breaks the forum post... I fixed it and it'll be out in the next website release. Sorry about that!

United Kingdom

@DJ hit the nail on the head, that is the main reason I haven't done any type of book but have slowly been releasing detailed tutorials for specific things such as the H-Bridge and scripting examples amongst others.

Well that and the fact that so much is supported, more now with the UART/2 way serial. Writing a book to cover everything which would be out of date within weeks due to software updates would be a very difficult task. With the learn section plus the forum (including it's awesome search facilities!) the information is pretty much all there anyway.

@Richard, while I may know a lot about the EZ-B and ARC I haven't been given any additional information to the rest of you guys. In fact, what I know I have got from here anyway. I just give the illusion that I know a lot when the reality of it is I know how to search and have over 15 years of professional experience in explaining the most complex of operations to the layman.

On the same level as a book I had toyed with the idea of an interactive website which could be updated easily, quickly and possibly by more than one person however what I've described there is, in effect, the learn section of this site.

I guess some sort of curriculum could be written, to some degree (however it would be constantly evolving) and I would be more than happy to be involved in something like that. I did look at that too at one stage but between the lack of interest locally and the fact I have no clue how to teach progressively, in some type of order, it kind of died. If you tell me what you want to explain/teach I would be very happy to break it all down to bite sized chunks that can be put to good use.

@Terminator, no the robosapien will not be supported by the V4 I'm afraid. DJ has explained this recently. The V3 still supports the Robosapien or the better alternative would be to use a USB UIRT (or similar) device to fire the IR commands from a PC. Or strip it and replace the guts for items which can be controlled by the EZ-B.


@Terminator... Not relevant at all to this thread but the answer is no. The EZB4 won't work with Robosapien....


@Rich... Then a series of "how to" tutorials might be something better as you mentioned... That way as things change just the relevant tutorial need be updated.... Would you offer it on a website as a download or just have it posted here? I like the idea of a separate off site website...


And everyday I love this site more. I have learned a lot from the community and have always had very positive experiences when asking questions. Now, a more formal teaching tool from EZ-Robot! I am really pumped about this. Thanks so much for filling this need. It just took a huge load off of my shoulders.

Thanks again EZ-Robot and the community. I am always impressed.

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@Richard, I'm torn between off site and on forum to be honest. But with the introduction of the learn section (or the introduction of a better learn system to be precise - not that anything was wrong with the old one) I guess we should wait to see how that goes first.

There was mention some time ago about a wiki for the EZ-B/ARC, everything cross referenced and linked, you know the thing. Josh was originally setting something up but I don't know how far that went. I also played with a few wiki backends but didn't spend too long on it to be honest.


I would like to put my 2 cents in.

Arduino is a Micro controller not a robot control they are just hacking it to control robots. same with Pi and other platforms.

EZ-B is a Robotics Controller to start with. Its basically what you would build from the other if you have a (hardware and software team to help you). At EZ-B you have just that. A board with one purposes , and that is to build robots.

as you look through the feature list of the EZ-B It would have you building hardware , add shields , and custom software to implement each feature you want to add. Then after all that you end up with a Robot controller (and one not as good as the ez-b) and yo still have to build a robot and program it, and your tools will come from all over the web with mixed levels of support.

With the EZ-B its a one stop shop , you start at the point you have stable controller , full feature software to get it to do what you want.

So if you class is robotics then the EZ-B is for you. If you class is Electronics then you may want a micro possessor.

but i bet you want to build robots

My name is HippieGeek and I approve of this message.


I am only a few hours new to ez-robot, and have had no previous experience with any kind of micro-controller type system. I appreciate @Rich wondering if a dedicated tutorial section had much to offer over the wealth of forum information and youtube clips available, but as someone who just spent their first few hands-on hours I am very much in favor of a curated and ordered set of tutorials.

I received an inscrutable "Developer Kit" V4 bundle, my first thought was "what is this stuff?" - I wanted one of those picture cards that come with boxes of chocolates, the online ordering portion of the site was close but I still have no idea what most of the plastic/metal bits in the bags are for. Curiously I only stumbled on the "Hardware" information page through a buried link in the ARC docs, it was the page I really needed to have read before reading the ARC docs and watching the videos on the Getting Started tab.

I found difficulty in using the forums directly because:

  • There was an overload of information
  • I didn't yet have the vocabulary to search for what I needed to know
  • I was learning out of order
  • information was often about the v3 and not applicable to the V4 (stale)

I took a sneaky preview at what I guess @Chrissi has been working on with the new tutorials (oh The Epic Funny Cats). I'm a gamer and career game developer so I naturally embrace another opportunity to achievement hunt. I find this keeps learners focussed and stops them from skipping over fundamentals; subsequently saturating the forums with nooby questions.

Regards, Daniel (CodedByATool)


That's very informative and candid feedback @CodedByATool, thank you. I think as I become more failure with all the ins and outs the tutorials, videos, the forum and the product its easy to lose site that for a new member it can be hard to jump in.


One thing @CodedByATool wrote really stuck out for me:

"I didn't yet have the vocabulary to search for what I needed to know"

This was one and still is one of the biggest frustrations I've had learning about the world of robotics, animation and building a custom robot. I'd often read a term, word or name of an electronic part or motor and think, "what the heck is that?". I often wished for a Glossily of terms either here on EZ Robot's site or somewhere else on the internet I could refer too. confused


Yes i was starting a Wiki , but shortly after we found that the V4 was going to be a different board instead of the v3 mini , there would be a new ARC version and tutorials revamped. So instead of spending days putting together the wiki that wouldn°t be up to date soon as the new boards came out I opted to wait until many of us have our developer kits and start discussing the " important and common" topics associated with the new board.

It is still something i very much believe could benefit everyone especially now that some members are having trouble finding posts that were important to them. Its just natural attrition as the community gets bigger a "guide" or hotlinks page is useful.

I promise to put one together once i have product in hand.