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Need A Standard Sized High Torque Servo? Here Are Two New Options

I usually like to buy from a place I can get some kind of warranty from or at least a track record of sending out good equipment with good prices. Here are two options for even higher torque settings.

The Power HD 1218TH 6-7.4 volt standard size servo 59.99 290 oz in torque ( remember many servos are rates in cm , inches are longer torque rating) 4.8v , 6v or 7.4 volts. Titanium metal gears and my favorite feature.......A Heatsink! User-inserted image

User-inserted image

A heatsink on this servo is great. You can increase the thermal conductivity of the heatsink by applying thermal grease liberally between the motor casing and the heatsink on the inside of the case.

Another option for lots of torque Hobbico cs-170 89.99 333 oz in @ 6 volts , has a black heatsink like the Power HD. Rumor has it these come from the same manufacturing facility as the hitec branded servos and when you crack them open they are identical.

User-inserted image

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Those are some great looking servos.:)


Hi J

Could you recommend a servo to replace the one I just tortured? I'm looking to lift about 10 pounds max.





I went with the Power HD 1218TH. Found a good price.




Hello there J. It's robotz12248. Do you remember me from years ago? My best robot project was Gizmo. I tried to post to the community but apparently it was never posted. I'd like to talk with you if your interested. You can email me at: Hope to hear from you. Lloyd


I feel like a member of the men in black , everyone refers to me as J


Great find "J":) Would it be possible to "hack" any standard servo and apply or add a heatsink? Our galaxy is dependent on it!


That's a great question , the "standard" sizes for servos as well as their screw patterns come from two primary and similar brands. Futuba and Hitec ( JR is in there too but the same as futuba) you can buy the lower casing heatsink and swap out the plastic one that could offer better cooling. Filling the area between your motor and the heatsink greatly encourages heat transfer to the heatsink.


It's called a aluminum heatsink midcase . Buy a replacement part then use it to mod your servo. User-inserted image