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Need A Small Part From Wall-E U Command, Anyone Can Help?

I need this part from Wall-E u command, this is the part of the arm mechanism inside, i hacked one up the laser mount so im need an extra one for the wheel tilting, i figured out a way to keep the wheel track from going off the wheels, but needs two of these, im sure everyone here has hacked their Wall-E to bits should have one laying around, if you're not using it please let me have it, willing to pay for s/h. Thanks

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I'll check my bin. I used one for my neck pivot point on my Wall-E.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
I will check when I get home....oh wait I think I used them on my tread mod for the pivot point on the toe. :/ Im sorry man.
Thanks anyway. I came so close to finishing him, took forever but i couldn't figure the best way to deal with it so just left him for a while, I just now got the time to tinker with him again and finally came to me :D I'll make another video to show you what i did.
Speaking of Wall-E parts, my son has the Wall-E U-Command and he doesn't use it anymore, and he lost on of the tracks, i've been looking all over for a replacement track but coming up with nothing. Anyone have a track they would be will to sell?