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Need A High Amperage Battery

So, For my Creeper project I'm looking into getting a 5ah 12v battery charger combo from ebay. Weight looks like a problem though. Any other recommendations?


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LiPo. You can get a 2S 5Ah for pretty cheap and they weigh next to nothing. If you need closer to 12v then you can use a 3S. You can also get higher capacity than 5Ah if needed, just look around for LiPo batteries. Turnigy are a decent make, I've had no problems with my Turnigy ones (other than the one I under voltaged but that was my fault).


@ techno pro , specifically look at , turnigy lipo packs and they have a cheap 2s/3s charger that regularly sells for 10 to 15 dollars as well.

2s=7.4v base voltage 3s=11.1 base voltage


I'd prefer the battery to be 12v as I need to run these motors off it. They pull 1.1Ah each.

Every Lipo ive had has been damaged by me and i'd prefer something that could be more forgiving. Ni-cd and Ni-Mh batteries seem to work for me.

Found this battery and charger combo:

Would this work?


You're back to Lithium chemistry which you say you don't like. Why not look into SLA 12 volt cells or even motorcycle batteries?

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If you want to save weight you'll need to use Lithium based. It's going to be a toss up between weight and convenience.

You can get Lithium based batteries which have automatic protection circuits built in or you can buy circuits to protect/warn or even use the EZ-B itself to monitor and warn of low voltage. To be honest, laziness and poor care and attention to the battery, in my opinion is no excuse not to use it (no offence).


Lipo is the way to go. If hard core RC guys use them, then they will work fine for your project... 11.1v lipo is basically a 12v nimh or sla and will provide the power for your motors/servos...So a basic 3s 30c will give you what you want plus the weight savings to boot...


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@Technopro I wouldn't buy that one on ebay... I have had seriously bad luck with batteries from Chinese ebay retailers... My advice is to get a name brand one (spend the extra$$$) like Turnigy or Traxxas....


If you want a really high aH battery, try a Jazzy wheelchair battery. It is 35 amp Hours.

oops! I did not see that weight was a problem.


I can do lipos. Could someone give me a link to a battery with a balance port preferably with charger? 12v 5a or more A's?