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Name My Robot!

My robot is now at a stage where I want to name him. He already has a name - but it's not the best. Name suggestions for a small humanoid robot would be appreciated.

Pictures of my humanoid coming as soon as my new camera charges. :D


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Walker, Texas Robot. It would even be cooler if you happen to live in Texas.
No, I actually live on the opposite side of the country (Wyoming)

also having the name of a gun-toting ranger played by Chuck Norris would be a bit unfitting for the little guy. :D (he's a robot friend)

Cool idea though, maybe I can make that into something i plan to do for his personality.
Beanie? <-- I personally like this one

Just basing it on hat names :D
United Kingdom
No suggestion here really but I always name my robots so they are an acronym too like Melvin stands for Mobile Emulated Lifeform Virtual Intelligence Node and Jarvis (as a lot are aware) stands for Just A Really Very Intelligent System.

Have a play with The Cybrog Name Decoder and see what takes your fancy.