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Mythbuster Robot Guru

I wonder if Grant Imahara has an EZ-B. He's into robotics of many types.:)


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Glick, I don't know which one of the Myth-Busters it happened to, But ONE of them fell off of his roof and got killed recently i understand.:(
That's horrible. It wasnt Grant or any of the main stars but still thats horrible.:(
At least it won't.kill the show. I've always enjoyed it. Still sad though.
I heard it was one of the MAIN two guys. I don't know which one. He was working on top of his tall roof and it was steep and he feel down to the ground. At least, that is what I saw on the news. He was a young man.
OK, I read the Headlines:

MYTHBUSTERS - Death of Jamie Hyneman BUSTED- Sadly Erik Gates Dies.

It was one of his co-stars on the show. He fell 30 feet to his death from the roof. At first, everyone thought it was Jamie Hyneman the red haired guy with the hat.


Falling from roofs or off ladders trying to get to the roof have bad consequences for all people repairing roofs, adjusting aerials or testing robots - not just Mythbusters folk.... my advice, test your EZ-B robots at ground level...lol... ;)

p.s On a more serious note, very sad about Erik, I recall seeing him on the show...R.I.P
That's really sad to hear:(