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You don't give much info...

  1. How does the MYO connect? I assume it is Bluetooth?
  2. Have you rebooted your pc and reloaded ARC?
  3. Have you installed the driver software for it?
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I have an idea this might be why you cannot connect.


If you receive an error when adding this control to your project, it may because the MYO Software version is different than the ARC compiled version. This is has been a common issue with MYO for developers during their beta development process - do not be alarmed if you are receiving an error and the version does not correspond. We will update the MYO DLL with every release of ARC to ensure it is the most recent.

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Also DJ made a reference to the MYO in a thread, which I think you may have already read.


I think there is a new firmware for the Myo. They don't have a redistributed library - so we must include one with every install of ARC. If the version is out if date, you have to wait for us to update our software to their newest library. There is a disclaimer on our myo manual page. Hopefully they will start installing a library with their taskbar manager app thingy

Hope this helps in some way.



i didn know it could be a problem whit the BT. so i checked that and indeed the port was gone from the BT.

so now its connected.

thank you& steve G

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No problem. Glad your got it connected. I might have to get one myself one day.:)


steve G i found mine on ebay for 127 euro include chipping. its looks and feels similar like the watsh ez chronos. when you hold the myo whit rubber side in your hands its works too. strange

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Sounds pretty cool. cool


Yes, but the important thing is that they release new firmware quite often as it's developed (I have a dev version wink wink) and the important side is the two parts (versions) must match.


Hal, the update for ARC will be this evening with latest myo support