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My Talking Robot, Wilber

This is my talking robot, Wilber

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(Don't know how the image got rotated)

He was made with a Lego Mindstorm EV3 kit with Gyro and IR sensors. The build instructions and software for the basic robot can be found at: A big thanks to Laurens Valk.

I added a few things in an attempt to enhance his capabilities. His 'back pack' includes an Arduino UNO, Emic-2 text to speech module, EasyVR speech recognition module, FrSky RC receiver, and HC-06 Bluetooth module. There is a Pixy CMUcam5 mounted above the IR sensor.

He was to have 6 modes of control, all with voice response to the commands. The modes were to be: IR sensor & Beacon, Voice Recognition, 2 Cell Phone Apps. via Bluetooth, Radio Control, and Video control.

I got each control mode working on a breadboard but when I tried to tie them together my Arduino programing skills fell short. Modes were to be selected by the IR Beacon controller but I couldn't get that to work.

The IR control and RC controls do work but the RC doesn't include the speech capability.

I [b]need my EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller[b]! (It was ordered 14 days ago) Here is a short video showing the IR control and speech capabilities of Wilber.

A balancing EV3 robot that talks.


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hi oldrobotbuilder

video says its prived.



awesome ,just like MIP segway system.


Yea pictures taken from iphone's tend to get rotated for some reason.

Anyways I like the bot! I get to play with Mindstorms in my robotics club.


turn your iphone to the left,so you get straight up pics and pananoramic vieuws. also if you take a video turn to the left.


Very nice!