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My Irobot Roomba Project

i am working on irobot roomba project so far made a pan and tilt design
using brackets from lynxmotion,servo's and servo bracket from servocity
next to add sonars,IR and PIR SENSORS ON IT
it pans 180 deg and tilts about 180 deg

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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can you upload a video???? Good Work!
i only did the pan and tilt motors,looking to get my plastic in for my deck

also when anyone uses a irobot ROOMBA with EZB might look at removing all vacuum parts,like motors brushes and more,can handle more weight,no power loss ,room inside for EZB or extra batteries to make it last longer or for EZB and servo,s and sensors
plus while cover is off can put a 12 inch round deck on it from zagros $7.95 to $12.95
$7.95 without holes $12.95 with holes for brackets for more decks,to make it like the turtlebot design (check internet)
on tear-down many videos are out there ,like at robotshop
i use $7.95 and make my own holes and use threaded rods for brackets for more decks
i made one deck so far and one i get the rest of the parts adding 2 more ,little like my robot of my avatar photo
also added cargo area for electronics and second battery
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Very nice....still wish I had started with a robot this size. Looking forward to following your build.
waiting on a few parts will add more photos as i get them
I like to know how the floor mapping works and what sensors does it use....
it use a type of laser design to do floor mapping,on top of the roomba it has a 360 deg sensor
i ordered some sonars,and sonar brackets,since i hate using hotmelt glue,if you buy 10 or more brackets there is a discount
sensor brackets

$4.95 each,i bought 20,since my roomba project will use about 12 ,can use for sonar or IR sensors

the roomba design is very close to my robot on my avatar or if you look up turtlebot same as that one
only not using the high price brackets and decks they have and a lot higher

turtlebot project

decks are 12 inch round no holes its from zagrosrobotics $11.95 and bought 4 of them ,one i cut like in my photo to have the laser showing on brackets i use 36 inch threaded rod with nuts

12 inch round deck

on camera pan and tilt its from lynxmotion for $9.95 with servo's
i use my own because may need more torque and cheaper SERVO,S


when after i get my parts in will post photos
well back from my china trip ready to start and f inish this project,will be posting photos in a few days,some parts are backordered ,but main design will be done
I have 2 Roombas now. An old first model I got from mom. I took it apart thinking I would use the drive wheels out of it. Then I picked up a newer one off eBay . I might put an EZ-B on it so I can tell it to back up or turn when it gets stuck cleaning my floors. robotmaker are you mounting everything on the deck ? Lowriderbot? lol How was the long flight home? JW.:)
very long flight 27 hours on the plane
i have over 20 roomba's ,lmaking a turtlebot design cheaper then one there are selling
,sold 6 already
my design is almost 4 feet tall,will post photos about monday,adding itx board lots of sonars ,ir sensors and my leaf project latter on,when roborealm finishes the interface for EZB right just controlling by bluetooth and voice,may be joystick,
drive wheels are very good can carry over 40 lbs and easy to use in any design,single encoder
but neato motors are great too about 40 to 50 lb and hall effect magnetic encoder,making a design for encoder to hook up to EZB analog port or pwm port
If they get leaf working with an EZ-B that could be interesting. It seems leaf is always looking for something to do all the time from what little I've played with it.:)
Steven from roborealm is almost done,then all you need make is variables and scripts
roborealm almost can control any robot board
if you have roomba,take the cover off and remove the brush,vacuum and side motors,it will let you handle a bigger load or less battery drain
here info on the roomba tear-down
roomba tear-down info

here are some photos of what my roomba will look like ,except for threaded rods in place of brackets to reduce the price
the bottom box you see is a pico -board and cabinet i am adding
pan and tilt camera goes on the top deck,and adding sonars and IR'S to the sides and front

User-inserted image

this photo is a brackets i made as a cargo hold for extra battery and switching circuit

User-inserted image

this one is has the pico cabinet called ARTIGO it will have my pico PX10000g and SSD hard drive

User-inserted image

this is what it will look like,except for using threaded rods in place of brackets
did alot more work on my ROOMBA will post photos before or weekend
only have to wire up 12 sensors and pan and tilt,my design will almost every port on EZB
I mostly make my own cables instead of splicing cables together
Sounds awesome!! Looking forward to seeing it:)

You going to make maker faire in may San fran?
i am fla,dont have any plans,right now in 2 months going to a few places in up north florida,then alaska in sept 30
will get some photos up friday or saterday

also DJ does EZB support CMPS-03 I2C compass
also the one you have listed by sure electronics it seems they dont have it
or you label it wrong ,model you have listed is DC-SS504V-100
the one they are selling is DC-SS504 both are dual axis I2C bus


I got plan to add to my ROOMBA project,got one on order
here is photo of my design,next to wire him up and be ready to go

User-inserted image

as you can see i have 5 maxsonars WITCH USES SUPER LOW CURRENT
more costly but a lot better ,not only in low current but specs too
over the HC-SR04 or SRF04 or parallax PING
using 5 IR ,2 longe range in front and 3 short range on sides and back
on the pan and tilt camera i have on PIR sensor spot analog output,awm 22111
for person heat source detect,and 1 sonar for distance to person and tracking

on bottom i have my ITX board,few other adds ons are current monitors for battery and motor stall current ,plus adding a I2C compass for navigation
just curious how stable is this robot? do you worry about it falling over?
also what does it do? Obviously it moves around, does it take pictures with that blue camera looking thing on top?
cant fall over it has a 4 wheel in the back
with ezb bluetooth camera it can take photos also
plus it has 2 batteries inside the dust bin