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United Kingdom
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My Herd Of Baby Robotic Dinosaurs

Our Robotic baby Dinosaur herd


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very cool @ toymaker ! thanks for sharing! Are all those dinos EZB controlled? ..and one with out its skin and one in the back who is very shy ......and verrry still!:)
United Kingdom
Awesome, my dinosaur mad nephew would absolutely love those!
...and notice the two AIMEC sheppards in the back ground! How nice is that, robots dinositting robots !
OMG! That's the cutest and coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I want a few of my own now! My grand kids would flip! I love the way the react to touch and, you placed the leaf in one of their mouth and then pocked it up by the tail! It also looks like they have a edge sensor so they don't fall off a table or stair.

I'm totally blown away!
I agree with everyone.
My wife even liked them!
We were amazed how they responded to touch with great sensory perception. Almost life like?
That made my day! Wow is all I can say. I watched full screen.

Now about those humonoids in the back left.....
United Kingdom
they are covered in other topics, check toymakers user details:)
I had to watch this again. Amazing! About half way through did the middle one bend over and fart? *eek*