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My Controller Didn'T Get Power On

Hi,I'm using ez controller for past three month.I really love the performance.I'm just working for my graduation project.while working for that project all of sudden my controller gets off and I have checked the fuse everything perfect even my controller getting ON....can u plzz help me to solve this prob becos my project submission date is running off stress


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We need more info. Please answer in a similar list form.

  1. What was plugged in when the problem started?

  2. What are you using to power it?

  3. What does the ez-b do when power is applied?

Try unplugging everything and trying it. Maybe one of the devices is shorted.


1.when the problem started I hve plugged 6 servo and I hve tryed to calibrate the position using software 2.I'm using lipo battery to power it for my controller 3.My project is about bicopter....I hve done the wings part to move up and down using the servo..when I power it On the wings will move up and down and left and right I hve try to power On only the controller wothout any servo even I cant able to power it On


Can you try a different battery, or confirm the current one is charged?

And when you say it doesn't power on, does that mean no lights? If not, what lights come on, and what do they do?


I have try the different battery(full charged)also there is no response in controller.When the battery is connected there is no light indication and it keep inactive


can you post a picture of your setup ?


I would start with a multi-meter and check power at each connection point (without a better description, or the picture as @ptp asked for, I can't tell what those points are), but start with the battery itself. If you are adapting the DEANS connector on the battery to a Barrel jack to plug into a power base, check the barrel jack. Then check the mini-deans in the power base. Verify the connector is tight to the EZ-B and then check the power and ground of any digital pin (even if the EZ-B is totally dead, as long as there is power supplied those should return voltage as long as the fuse and polyfuse are good).

If you get power at the digital port but the EZ-B won't start, you are probably in trouble, but it is very rare for an entire EZ-B to fail. Usually if there is a hardware failure either the comm board side or the "brain" side will still work, just not both, but you could try CAREFULLY separate the two board halves and press them back together. While they are apart, check both sides of each board for obvious burned components.



To compliment what alan and others have said...

  1. disconnect everything from the ez-b

  2. apply power to the ez-b with a new battery

  3. use a multi meter and check for voltage across a BLACK and RED digital pin (the digital side, not the ADC side)

  4. if you do not have power, look at answer (A)

  5. use a multi meter and check for voltage across BLACK and RED ADC pins (the ADC side, not the digital side)

  6. if you do not have power, look at answer (B)

A) If you do not have power on the digital pins. Either the EZ-B is not getting power at all, or it has been seriously damaged. This is because the EZ-B digital pin power is VIN, which means direct current from the battery. If there is no voltage getting to the digital pin directly from the battery, that's not good. This means either the power base is not providing current, the connection is damaged, or the ez-b is damaged.

B) If you get power to the digital pin AND no power to the ADC pin, the power supply inside of the ez-b is damaged. There is a digital switching voltage regulating power supply built on the ez-b board, which reduces heat and is very energy efficient. If this power supply was damaged, the ez-b will not get power. The bottom board of the ez-b contains the power supply. You can "chance" by changing the bottom board by purchasing another - however - there is no guarantee that the top board is also not damaged.

Either way, if you are confident that power is being applied to the ez-b, you're going to need replace it because it's been damaged. Consider reviewing the electrical schematic and design of your project. As Alan said, the ez-b is a real tough circuit design with protective resistors on all i/o. It's pretty difficult and rare to damage an EZ-B. It's much easier to damage an arduino or raspberry pi than it is to damage an EZ-B.