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Multiple Camera's On V4

I was just thinking. how would someone go about putting more than 1 camera on the ez-b v4? would you have to use a wireless camera?


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My guess and its only a guess at this point is to have multiple ez boards with its special camera attached. Again only a guess, and is what I am doing, 2 EZ boards and 1 camera going to each of the ez controllers. Otherwise not sure if you would be able to stream live video.
United Kingdom
It's 1 ez-camera per board.

You could use USB cameras or even IP cameras, the old methods (V3 camera) still work and will work with zero boards.
ARC can see almost (there are a few known exceptions) camera that your computer can see, so if you will have an on-board computer, you can use a USB connected one. If it won't, you can use a wireless one.

EZ-Robot will need to answer whether there is a way to have more than one EZ-Robot camera per EZ-B. I suspect not, but of course you can have multiple EZ-B's per robot, each with its own camera.

The Wi-Fi bandwidth of the EZ-B and CPU limits it to one camera per EZ-B - that's a physical hardware limitation. Additional EZ-B v4's would allow a camera per board. Additionally, we will be releasing a Wi-Fi camera as stand-alone shortly.

We're doing another launch of new EZ-Bits this summer - including a Wi-Fi camera and 5v regulator add-on
WiFi camera... Cool..

5v Regulator... Will you be basing it on the virtually heat free switching power supply of the V4? That would be awesome:)

Oh great... just as I paid off my credit card... Thanks DJ...:P