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Mp3 Trigger

I watched DJ's video on how to wire it up.

I think I can handle that.

Wanting to know what size speaker (ohm/watts) to use.


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I run mine through a Sure 2x25 amp. I couldn't find speaker specs in the MP3 trigger documentation.

Also use a Ground Loop Isolator to protect you MP3 trigger if using any cheapy amp..

Certain amps back feed V+ and have been known to pop/fry MP3 triggers.


I put an 8ohm .1w speaker it work but you have to struggle to here it

What did DJ use?


I used the speaker from the Wall-e

The MP3 Trigger documentation might mention what ohm/wattage speaker to use. Those little speakers seem to work fine for me :)




I just purchased a 8ohm .5w should be a little louder