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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Movement Panel Modified Servos Left/Right Backwards

Hey folks, I have my wall-e set up after about a year in hibernation. When last I tinkered with him, the Movement Panel turned him the "correct" way (absolute). However, after upgrading the firmware and software, it is now backwards. No wiring or servo position has changed.

Back and forth are fine, but left right are reversed.

Any clues?

Reversing the servos would be possible, but a real PITA!




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That's strange because nothing has changed for servo directions. But since it seems to be reversed, you can change the settings in the Movement Panel config.

Simply reverse the ports and their values:)
Appreciate response. You should get some sleep dude. 2:00 am is late!;)
OK, that did it. I guess for some reason I didn't consider flipping the numbers, because in other control panels, if you swap the min. max. values, the interface for that control doesn't work. Kinda like crossing the beams I suspect ; )
Haha yes. You would be surprised with the number of simularities of building a robot and fighting ghosts:)
@DJ- "Bustin' makes me feel good!" -Ray Parker Jr.