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Mobile App Questions - Several

Good Evening,

  1. Does Script Manager work with the Mobile App.

  2. How do you delete old local projects. There is no delete button or anything that helps.

  3. When I select the Private App Cloud Button, I see the list of all items I have uploaded to the cloud, I select the one that I want, I get a black screen and then I get a pop - up "Unfortunately, ARC has closed." This did not happen before the recent update.

  4. When I upload to the cloud, what does Default Control Mean? Why is the list of all the controls that I have used in my project there?

Thank You In Advance for all the help and responses. Wayne


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  1. I don't think so however scripts do and you could assign a button in a mobile interface to start a script.

  2. Unsure, I will have to check the app however don't have the latest version installed yet.

  3. Have you tried opening the projects in ARC Windows and resaving them to the cloud?

  4. Default Control is the first screen presented when you load the app, i.e. the desktop, the mobile interface, etc. Whatever it is set to will be the first screen you see on the app. You could, if you wanted, set it so it first shows the connection screen or you could have it so it first shows the Movement Panel if you wanted to, this is why you have the option of all controls used in the project.


Thanks rich! Rich answered your questions. Id like to add the ? Question marks. You see blue question marks everywhere? Specifally beside the default control option? Hover your cursor over the question marks for help

The entire software has those question marks... Everywhere:) they will help you


@Rich Thank You for the answers!


Hello, This is my first post, and look forward to sharing what I have learned about ARC during the design and construction of my first robot, Dudebot. (he's 6 ft tall and can fetch a beer from the fridge) The forum and tutorial help have been my go to place for help. I look forward to contributing. I have recently and painstakingly moved all of my scripts into several script managers. Now none of the scripts will run in ARC mobile. I see that the mobile app can not run the script manager control. What would be the easiest way to be able to run these scripts on my mobile app?, or how can they be removed from the script manager without cutting and pasting them.


We'll have an updated app this week - i'll see if i can sneak in the script manager for you


Thank You, I appreciate it, as I have 77 scripts that would need to be moved. (yuck). You are very responsive.


update to the latest android app (about 24 hours from now) after it's accepted their review. Version 2018.04.02.00


@ddeuster, Please share some pics and details on DudeBot

Thanks, Frank


Thanks DJ , will do. I look forward to getting the remote control back on-line. I am hoping to use the remote motion commands to record and create paths though my house. Frank, I will get some pics out there soon. Here is a crude video of Dudebot fetching a beer.



Nice work...

Looks like it's based on a Jazzy chair

Thanks for sharing



Finally a practical use for robotics. Nice build


Thanks, I will be sharing more as I gain confidence. DJ, the script manager works great with the mobile app.