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Minor Installer Bug

@DJ Sures, here is one for your rainy day list.

After I install ARC, either on Windows 7 or 8.1, I pin the app to the task bar. Every time I update to the latest version, the icon on the task bar turns to a blank white icon and when I click it I get an error message that the application has been moved or removed, and I need to unpin and re-pin ARC.

Other applications I have pinned to the task bar don't do this.



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I thought that was due to the fact that the link was no longer valid since the iteration had been uninstalled.


it is a bug! I get every time, I install new version.


stress stress stress stress


hi guys

i dont know iff this is a bug to.but on android when using the recorder whit mic, you record the words and jd says it.but the secong record jd will say the first record back.and then the second record.


I get the same thing no matter what program I update


I suspect it is either a setting or a limitation in whatever tool DJ is using to build the install package.

It doesn't happen to Chrome or several other apps I use, though I doubt any of them use Visual Studio to build their installers.

A minor irritation at most. Should go very low on the todo list.



its not the ARC its windows it does it to me on every program


thetechguru the white file ,you have to remove from taskbar. then start button,look for the new ez and put the new icon in taskbar.


@nomad... Alan knows how to do it.... What he is saying is that he doesn't want to have do it every time he downloads a new version of ARC... That's all...


well it seems am not good in conversations.

sorry about that alan


@nomad18.08 Not a problem. I understand the language barrier can occasionally cause you to miss things. you read and write English better than I read or write any other language.

@Wolfie, Not every program, but I think it might be every program that has it's install package created by recent versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (although oddly enough, not any part of Microsoft Office).



I believe this is something that is fixable by DJ but for the time being the white page will appear everytime you update. This is because the shortcut icon in the task bar is linked to a specific URL along with registry code if I understand correctly. When you update these change and the installer doesn't update the shortcut in the task bar because it doesnt know it is there.