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oh no - not this again:D

There's no such thing as mind control. I'm the first person to really wish it existed - and we've spend thousands of dollars on hardware for experimentation, just to find out that it's a hoax ripping people off. These so called "mind control" devices pretty much read the connectivity of your skin by the amount of sweat and temperature. So, when you "focus real hard", you're modifying the conductivity and heat and stuff which makes the sensors return a value.

If you purchased a mind control sensor, feel free to add our SDK to it - or link the ARC up to it and let us know your experience. Who knows, maybe someday there's a diamond in the ruff that the entire world doesn't know about which actually reads minds.

If a real mind control device existed, there's plenty of paralyzed individuals who would be first in line.

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thanx i was going to get one if it would work with the robots,

ps: loving the features already available

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also how would i attach normal moters onto the ezb and what controls would i use for it. i want it to wheel around and be like a quad copter


If you mean "motors" for a wheeled robot you can use an H-Bridge... see here... H-Bridge motor controller or a Sabertooth (Google it) motor controller... If you are using it for a quad copter then you use BEC/speed controller to drive the propellers...

If you want a simple wheeled robot like Adventure Bot (in the store here) you can use 360 deg servo motors that plug directly into the ezb's digital ports...

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hi does anyone know if i could kepe 2 wheels, and have my robot giro stabilised like the mip robot

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wow thanx... u know a lot


@Andrew... LOL... I have been here for a while... Plus I am a pretty big nerd...:D

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do you know when the Inverted Pendulum is gonna come out


@Andrew34.... EZ Robot mentioned early June when it should ship... I have one on pre-order myself...

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Thanks for the advice

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Hi if i want to write a bit of code in python for my robot,then am i still limited by the ezb s board functions


This may help you out but it has been a while since it has been updated. I haven't used it yet and it is something that was developed by an inactive forum member. It might be worth checking out.

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Hi how do i use the 3d scanning option on ARC, or the gps control


Hi Andrew,

These devices look like you can control things from your EEG but they are actually only reading EMG which is muscle tension. So clench your jaws, or wrinkle your forehead and you'll get some consistent responses. DAARPA has been spending billions on this and the closest thing they've developed so far are 4 flashing cursors in each corner of the screen. After about 10 seconds of looking at one cursor, your EEG starts to osculate at a similar frequency as the cursor and a map begins to move in that direction. We're getting close regarding deciphering EEG signals in real time but we're still limited by computer speed. The most hopeful of algorithms I've explored (out of hundreds over the last 20+ years) to date for DSP of nonlinear non stationary signals is the Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition. But it's still computationally extremely expensive for real time work.

Myo is an awesome tool for reading EMG and DJ created an interface for it.

Myo Interface




Last week, Caltech put two implants in the posterior cingulate cortex and have a man controlling a robotic arm with his intentions. Still isn't possible from scalp electrodes but it's a step in the right direction.




That would be so awesome to be able to do. My mom is a stroke victim, so she is wheel chair bound too and cant speak well. Some sort of mechanical assistance would be so helpful for her and my family if it was possible.

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there is a guy on YouTube who has made a robot arm to help feed people, if you have an ez robot kit, then why don't u try and make something. User-inserted image


I think he was a student working for ez robot for a month or two....

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well atleast i tried stress stress stress

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hi my dad is part of the intel realsense team, is there any way that you could use that with the robots


Andrew - you can surely connect any 3rd party software or hardware to an ez-robot. The system was designed with a modular approach to enable 3rd party development. Our Software section is a demonstration of all of the 3rd party components and add-ons.

Additionally, if you have used ARC - there are many 3rd party modules. The effort ez-robot invests into 3rd party module support is due to their consumer availability and usability. For example, we will not be adding "mind reading" device support to any ez-robot product because it doesn't exist.

ez-robot will not supporting snake oil fake "mind reading" products:)

As for your dad's project - our open source libraries are available in the Software section of this website.:)