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Yes, you could place a microphone on and Analog input and read the audio levels coming from the microphone to detect loud noises if you'd like. You couldn't hook it up directly as you would likely need an small audio amplifier circuit to boost the audio. There are small microphone + amp circuits floating around the web for this kind of application.

As for reading in audio and sending it to ARC, you will need either a wired mic connected directly to your PC/Laptop or a wireless mic that can sit on the robot or attached to your body that transmits back to the PC/Laptop.

You can also use the mic on your android device if you have the ARC app.

Hope that helps.


Not to control the robot via your voice, but as Jeremie stated you can use a wireless microphone for that part... If you just need the robot to react to sound then again, as Jeremie suggested you would use any of the 8 analog ports on the ezb4....

I basically reiterated what Jeremie said so make sure he gets the credit for answering your question...



@SM what do you want to do with the mic on the EZ-B? What has been said already is correct you could use a mic as a sound sensor but not for voice recognition back to your computer.

Are you perhaps thinking of ways to add a wireless mic to your robot? If so I would consider a wireless Bluetooth headset connected to your computer. Or if you do a search for wireless mics you'll find many options, like these from Amazon

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Bluetooth mic and speaker FTW !


i got a cheap Bluetooth mic on amazon. it should be here in a few days.


Hello This the solution I'm using.

I just clip the wireless mic on the robot operator.(normal my 4 year old.)

The blue tooth mic worked but since the robot is WiFi the reach of the blue tooth to the Robot controler PC is not good when you get any distance at all from the pc.

This solution works in the total range of my wifi.

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I also posted this on the other thread to insure everyone can find it.