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Makershed Ez-Robot Six Hexapod Kit (Revolution Six) For $99.00

makershed is selling Six Hexapod Kit (Revolution Six) for $99.00 eek eek eek eek


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WOW! I just ordered two! Thank you for sharing this! ;)


That's crazy. I wonder if it was an error or if they decided not to carry EZ-B anymore for some reason and it was a clearance price. That has to be lower than wholesale.




am really happy with ez robots,also now we have a chop here in belgium. and new belgium members are signing in,ez will grow in belgium for sure. next week time to by some ez robot parts for PINOCCHIO.


Wow there were a bunch of replies from me and Steve about why we pulled from Brookstone that I just deleted. I have no idea how I didn't read that this was makershed! So crazy. Yes, we are not pulling from makershed lol, we only pulled from Brookstone.


The information about Brookstone was interesting though.. Glad I saw it before you deleted it. Sounds like a good call. We certainly saw here on the forum what you were talking about with customers expecting it to work like a toy and just work out of the box without needing to learn anything.



I missed all of that.... EZ Robot won't be selling through Brookstone any more? Wow, go to bed early and look what happens. I missed all the good stuff on the forum...:)


Makershed just canceled my order for lack of stock. I hope others here get theirs. It was a heck of a deal!


Made me nervous but mine just showed up so I am HAPPY;):P:) eek:D