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Make Me Some Arms Plus: New Youtube

Hey everyone!
I have been doing some more work on my DEWY project, and realized he doesn't have any arms!

I had made some arms out of Polystyrene, but they just don't match.
User-inserted image

I want some input from you guys. Arm ideas?
The bot doesn't need grippers, though the design could have them, and must be able to hold a tray(with or without grippers) near the width of the bot. Colors are red, black, and white. I want to make the design out of insulation foam, reinforced with wood or plastic.

User-inserted image

-Grippers not nessesary
-must be able to hold tray
-Red black white for color scheme
-will be made of foam/wood/plastic
-NEEDS TO BE CHEAP(simple 2 servo arm or similar)

Which ever one I like the best I'll use!

This is a chance for everyone to relax, and take your mind off other stuff, and help a fellow EZ-roboteer!(Is that what we call ourselves?)

Other stuff:
Everyone may know that I have a Youtube channel Technopro. This is a channel I have had for a while now. For originality, and to lighten my load with other stuff, I will be moving everything to my New channel MazeHorizon0(Yes, MAZEHORIZON0). I hope you guys will all subscribe, as it will help me out. Share around too! I won't be closing Technopro, but I will no longer post on it. Expect me to change my Profile soon!

Thanks guys! Can't wait to start this new channel, and get DEWY finished!


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Maybe don't worry about the arms holding the tray - instead make the tray clip onto the body somehow. That way you don't need to worry about the buzz of servos, and potential servo damage. I would still make arms - out of painted styrofoam which is lightest and will look decent. Use the arms simply for personality quality - and the tray can clip onto his chest, instead of the arms holding the tray.
@DJ Good idea!

@JustinRatliff The foam would be way lighter, and I have some hardening tricks.
I believe I have a concept arm but I'll see if I get any ideas. My concept has a bit of a futuristic look, while sticking to DEWY's rough figure.