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Magnetic Battery Charger

Hi all,

I would like to make an autonomous robot system with a charging simple, effective and safe for children.
And I imagined this: an AC adapter that I can plug a USB cable magnet (which is used to recharge the lamp P5R). Its magnetic end allows him to connect perfectly to the extremity of the lamp for recharging.

User-inserted image


USB cable


In your opinion:
- This system is viable? How can we improve?
- Is it possible to put a battery 9 or 12 volts (not 3.5 volt)? Which model do? Such a cable can be used?
What do you think?

Thank you



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I think this is an inductive charger. While it is possible, it is inefficient and would take a long time to charge a large battery.
WiKi link
Yup your right troy. It does raise a cool point though. The wireless charging could be a cool way to charge a robots batteries in a auto docking situation. It would just take twice as long to charge over a direct wired connection. Still the cool factor is nice and getting (near) something to charge rather man manipulation of an physical connection may end up being easier.... Hmmm makes ya think ya know? - Josh S
YES TROY you are correct ,inductive charging does take a long time to charge a battery ,there are ways to make them to use less time,

I made one and looking to make it much stronger,just have other projects

THERE IS EVEN a design that uses ultrasonics to charge batteries

WHAT good about using inductive charger is that for small robots like R2-D2 and others using small batteries.
Very true it does have a cool factor! I'm sorry. I didn't "mean" to discourage the idea. It all depends on your application and what's important to you. If charge time isn't a factor you could try and make one from scratch using the internet.
I was just reading the wiki about the disadvantages and why it didn't catch on in the electric car industry.

yesturday, I saw the USB charger, and there is 2 circles in contact with the lamp.
I suppose it's a charge with contact and not inductive charge.

I found this article

See the part 'Tail Cap' in this page

What do you think about this ?

thank you.

I love this idea and am very interested in your progress. It would be so nice to just have the robot return to its base when not in use and stay charged up. Very cool indeed.
@bret I am looking at a better stronger design,will post my design
@Robotmaker , none of your posts are showing up in any threads. I see your name on the Thread Title on the front page but they are not showing up in any threads. You need to contact support to find out why. Till then maybe you should stop wasting your time posting. I don't think anyone can see them.
I wondered the same thing, why can,t I see any robotmaker responses? Your threads are not showing?
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