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Mac Compatible

I see that your software needs at least windows 7, is also Mac compatible? Would love to start building with EZrobot.


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ARC is for Windows as has been mentioned, but I believe that it is possible for you to run a Windows emulator on your Mac which can then run the ARC software.


Or, just buy a cheap windows 7 laptop from eBay... They are pretty much a dime a dozen....


I use it that way. I have the wmware software installed and got a copy of Windows 7. It works perfectly.


@r2d2Tech01 this link will help:

ARC is nearly 1,000,000 lines of code - currently ez-robot does not have the resources to port the software to os/x for Apple computers. We do plan on a port when staffing resources are available. Currently, support for Apple product is limited to the mobile app.

You can find out what software is available for ez-robot by clicking the Software tab on the top menu of this website. All supported software for ez-robot is listed under the Software tab.

Now get building your ezrobot :D


I tried the boot camp. I'm a really Mac fan! Love the brand. But the boot camp sucks! Get yourself a VMware sofware and you have problems no more using Windows and Os at the same time, dragging files from a sistem to another, and much more. The boot camp makes the computer incredibly slow..


I have the VMware on my Mac and still can't seem to connect to my JD. I can via tablet or my iPhone but no luck with the MacBook and VMware. For some reason the wifi in my windows 7 emulates from the Mac and doesn't show me alternative wifi options to connect to. Any suggestions? Id like to get to program him but doing it on a little tablet or my phone is ridiculous.


Put your EZ-B in client mode connected to your router, then you will be able to connect from the Windows VM to the IP address assigned to the EZ-B by your router.



I also find that Virtual Box has better hardware support than vmware:

Oh, and virtual box is free :)


Either VMWare or Virtual box though is going to share the WiFi NIC. It can either be NAT'ed behind the Mac IP address, or it can be bridged so it gets its own IP from the router, but they can't be on different networks (one the Router and the other the EZ-B AP mode IP address).

I suppose you could connect the Mac to the EZ-B address and then either NAT or Bridge on that network since the EZ-B will hand out multiple IP addresses, but then you lose Internet access on both the Mac and Virtual Machine while connected to the robot, so probably better to just put the robot on your network anyway.



What Alan is referring to is CLIENT MODE, when checking the connection tutorial of the ezb. Here's a link to the tutorial:

The client mode let's your ezb connect to the existing network. Then, in the Windows VMware ARC, use the scan button on the connection control to find the ezb.

Note: some home router hardware may be old or dated and result in poor performance of the robot. If you find the robot falls over and jerks, the router in the home network may need to be updated. This is a very rare occurrence, but something worth noting.


Happened to me. A new router and strong signal fixed everything.


So for some reason I failed miserably at this. Really tempted just to buy a win7 laptop to cap the frustration lol I can connect via tablet and cellphone but if I try to put him into client mode from either he is unable to connect. Not sure why that would be when I did like the tutorial said and entered in the password and wifi network name. Only other thing I can think of is Comcast blows lol or I'm just not as techy as I thought.

My other question is if I'm at home using the ezb via my network should that get figured out, if I go outside of network the ezb will need to be reset to restore the wifi mode to my phone? Correct? So essentially there is no storage on the ezb to remember hence the communication to a laptop, phone, tablet, etc.?.


Correct (re: away from home). Once you get it working, it is pretty easy to reconnect to the home network. Your web browser will remember the ssid and password so it is easy to re-enter.

When entering them, be aware they are both case sensitive and make sure you are not entering a space after either the ssid or password because it is a valid character but virtually never used as the last character.



But I should be able to enter this in via a tablet or phone via the ARC app, correct?


Yes, you should.

I always ask this as this community gets bigger. Where are you located? If you are near another EZ Roboteer maybe one of us could help you. I am in the DC/Baltimore megalopolis.



Yeah - the ezb is really easy for connecting to your home network. In fact, it will verbally speak to provide feedback rather than trying to understand light codes and stuff.

So if it connects, it will speak and tell you. If it doesn't connect, it will also speak and tell you.

It's only 4 mouse clicks to add the ezb to your network.

  1. connect to ezb adhoc from tablet and visit in browser

  2. click client mode

  3. enter ssid of your router and network password with keyboard

  4. press save

That's it:) there's no reason to save that configuration in the ezb. It has no idea the physical location of itself. It doesn't know if it should be adhoc or be connected to a network without telling it. It can't guess, so you simply tell it.


Am in eldersburg md Alan ... Sounds like you're down the street lol where abouts are you?

I completely forgot that my mother in laws laptop was here so maybe I'll try again tomorrow with it. I know when I entered it in on my phone thru the app everything appeared correct but didn't connect. Then again (auto correct) can sometimes screw that up right as you click send on these devices.

Thanks for the direct support too dj. It's really cool of you to chime in on this and appreciated as it is appreciated that everyone else has also chimed in. Am getting my feet redone for my r2 and the dome is nearing too, so I want to start adding r2 sounds etched to the ezb which isn't all that easy via cellphone or tablet considering I have all those already loaded and awaiting on my Mac.

Also wanted to really figure out this stuff prior to taking JD apart and putting his parts and other parts and boards into the mix within the r2. Am hoping that adding a motor controller, setting up the range finder, motion sensors and tracking etc isn't too difficult too. Can imagine it will be a lot easier on a computer vs a cellphone screen.


Does the reset button on the ezb ever wear out? Just curious?


Haha - nah it shouldn't. It can be pressed too hard and be damaged... Like any button. But press it and it'll reboot :)

To add sounds to the ezb is real easy. Load the soundboard and click on empty slots and select the audio file. Voila! It's easier than typing the instructions.

We are starting an "ask dj anything" section where I will weekly answer questions via video. I'll pick the most common ones. Maybe one will cover how to add sounds to soundboard. Although, its super easy :)


Hi folks! Here's a simple hint. Disable the antivirus (you can choose to Turn it off for 10 minutes, I guess...) and it will connect. Then you can turn it on again. It always works for me. Once you do it, add the ip to the trust list... As I said, it works here.. Best regards.


I am in Silver Spring, so not too far at all. Next few weeks are pretty tied up for me, but if you are still struggling with this in May I could drive up any Sunday and help you out.




Hi folks! Here's a simple hint. Disable the antivirus (you can choose to Turn it off for 10 minutes, I guess...) and it will connect. Then you can turn it on again. It always works for me. Once you do it, add the ip to the trust list...
Good advice once the EZ-B is on the network, but he isn't even getting it to connect to his router, so not there yet.

I am compiling a list of potential connection issues and solutions and will do a tutorial soon. This is one of hte top ones.



I got him to connect to the network! Woohoo! Thanks you guys!

Now tomorrow I'm going to try thru the Mac..... Was using my mother in laws laptop to connect him and got side tracked playing with the motion camera tracking and used up his battery. Will let y'all know how the Mac works tomorrow. Am getting there.

Thanks again!


Awe yeah! Now you're cook'n!