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Looks Like Something Important Is Taking Place :)

Dont you love that people can creep on you all day long? Seeing people line up either means an important meeting or a "Where are we going for lunch today?" gathering. Either way, it's important.

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mc donalds or quick haha:D
Haha, if you check in every day at 11am you will see our morning meeting:)
We share what's going on for the day, what anyone needs help with and what things we finished the day before. It's a great way for everyone to be in the loop on all things going on.
But we are out of that loop:( lol
hint hint;)
All good. Was just bored and saw you all in "formation". I used to work for a company that did the same thing. The last item of discussion is always "Where are we going for lunch", which normally took longer to decide than the meeting took. We ended up coming up with inventive ways of deciding like someone throwing a dart at a board or trying to land a remote control helicopter on some pieces of paper. That one didnt work so well, so we normally went back to darts or just conversation...
Tape the pieces of paper down so they don't blow away
yea, but we were programmers and opted for the next easiest thing. Dart.

The funny thing is when I went to work for that company, there was a nerf gun in my desk. They told me it was standard issue. I stayed for 4 years getting under paid because I really liked the people.
United Kingdom
It's not always about the money dude:)
There is some places I would work at for free if I could
EZ-Robot is #one:D I would LOVE to work there:D
I agree totally. I keep telling my kids the same thing. Believe me, this is one thing I know very, very well. A good balance is always nice.
Uh oh! You found us out! We were discussing....

Our work:) Like we do every morning at 11. Lol.
You gotta' love working for a company that has a bar right in the office (just to the left of those rather large yellow and green balls strangely sitting in chairs).... Tell you what DJ, hire me... sit me at the bar (I will work just for beer)... give me a computer and I will try and help forum users all day long to EZ Robot standards of course... It will be awesome.... The day will see the mood of my posts go from friendly, witty clear coherent advice to sullen, apathy and passing judgement and finally to "I love you man".... "love all you guys"...:)

If you need me, I am either on a break or passed out in the bathroom...:)
Haha, that's not a bar... It's our kitchen:)
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