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Looks Good

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Not sure what it is exactly but the fact the camera is out, there are parts being shown and stuff all over the workbench I guess it's some more good news coming soon from EZ-Robots:)

I think it may be time for a rest before the flood of posts about revolution comes in 5 or 6 weeks (maybe more, maybe less, I have no idea but it's almost here!)



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:D i can order the jd by end off this week :D
i will be very happy when he's nocking at my door.
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LOL... Rich, protect those hands... This is not a good time for you to break or injure a finger...:)
United Kingdom
Dragon Naturally Speaking would come in to play if I couldn't type:)
We received a ton of more test parts:) Everything is looking great with some final tweaks to the parts we received. We have started shooting more footage for historical records (maybe a documentary down the road) so you will see the camera out alot more these days, in addition to the updates we provide. This one was not specifically for an update, but there will be another update coming soon!
are there pics off the test parts,?:D
LOL... OK, Rich no singing Motorhead or Kiss tunes either then...:P
I noticed this a bit ago. I thought, "OH, here comes another shipping update for pre-orders!", but you proved me wrong.
colors sounds musik in my ears.:D
i know ad colors is difficult due to the dry proces.
round chapes can turn into oval chapes.i seen this whit bioloid.
the cap that goes in the holes makes pieping noises.