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Looking For A Tutor

I'm looking for someone that would be willing to tutor me with the EZ-B via personal email. A perspective tutor should have lots of patience. Since my stroke I've found that things come much harder for me. I've spent hours on end trying to get a grasp on this and I'm not making much progress. I would really appreciate it. My personal email is:


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Creativa! Maybe you found your calling in life:) Robot Tutor! I think he'd be perfect dude for the job
is there a way to message other members directly through this forum?
i dont see a way to click their name or view their profile:(
There is no private message ability. I didn't build the software originally for what it has turned into. It was originally just to ask questions. Now that we have this Community aspect, it might be necessary:) I'm glad we're all friends!
Wow, you really think so. I would only be able to help with ARC though. I am a begginer with hardware. I am amazed that you mentioned me and I would love to help you in any way I can. What kind of things do you want help with? Also, we would have to organise a time. With the time difference between the USA and Australia it could be difficult. The basic times I am available at are from around 3:30pm-6:00pm and 7:30pm-8:30 Australia time. I am sorry about what I was saying in my thread for the Task Distribution Concept. I was really angry at what he said, especially seeing that he misunderstood what the concept. There will definitely be none of that when tutoring you. Funnily enough I haven't seen his name on any of the recent threads, for which I am glad. We do not need someone like that befouling the forums
I would also appreciate being apart of this process. I could use the Tutoring as well. This gets me very excited!

Please let me know.

Wow. I would love to take in more people. Perhaps I should start charging:)
It looks like I am becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps I should have the official position of Programming Tutor. Also, soky157, how do you wish me to contact you?
Hello Creativita,

Thanks for allowing me to learn from you. My email address is: kywheat@gmail.com

Any other questions please let me know.