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Hello, I a previous reply regarding motors I was told that I needed to use an H-Bridge. Is it ok to use something like a Texas Instruments L293NE or SN75446 or some other type of IC instead of the more complex type of H-Bridge setups that I have seen? I am very new to this and am looking for the simplest method possible. Any help is very much...

Problem When Printing Tutorial Pages With Blue Background

I have asked two separate questions recently with lightning fast reply times from the forum. Please dont think that I am taking advantage with a third question. When trying to print the Tutorials in the Tutorials Section the Blue background causes the page to be to dark when it is printed. Is there anyway to fix this? (I have been copying the text...

Questions Before Starting

I am new to the EZ Robot Contorller and an hesistant to start using it until I understand a few things. 1) Am I OK to use an external power source such as a 'Wall Wort'? Does it have to be 'regulated'? 2) When do I need to use an H-Bridge? Lastly, as far as Analog / Digital is concerned...If I am using a motor, stepper motor or servo, are they are...

Error Message "Cant Connect To EZ Robot

Hi, I just got my EZ Robot in the mail today. After running the Bluetooth setup wizard. I am offered ONE com port (5) not two. When I press Connnect I get the error message "Cant connect to EZ Robot. During the setup it configured a Virtual Com Port then later I set up a Physical com port Both on Com 5. I would really appreciate any help with this....
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