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Look Whos Joining My Robot Collection - R2D2

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I have some plans for this guy. There's a few other EZ-Robot people building R2 units also. This is an exciting platform to start with - I think.

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I can already tell it is going to be awesome. What features do you plan to add?


Oh! They're a secret;)

But of course, they all end up in ARC - so you'll have access soon enough

I played with it as the oriignal toy last night. It's kind of neat how they attempt to track sound and light movement. It doesn't do an amazing job, but it sure has potential. The speech recognition is terrible, but i'm not complaining for a toy made in 2002. Realistically it is a neat concept!


Ive got one too, had it for a couple of years but a bit scared to hack it up.....Its pretty fun when it works....Ive opened it up to check things out and think it has a infrared sensor, a plastic divider running down the middle of it, Im guessing it can sense from which direction a warm body is approaching, a typical sonar sensor, a mic is mounted to the top of the dome and reacts to whenever you tap the top of the dome, other mics which mount to each side of the dome- guessing it lets R2 know from which direction the sound comes and a third mic which might be for the voice command.

I would love to hack into it, and figure out how the lighting system works also adding a camera to it would be really cool. I really love the lighting system when it speaks, its a HOOT....


C'est un projet interessant. J'ai, une idee pourquoi ne pas lui apporter un capteur tactile, chaque touche , luit permettre de changer de reaction. PS: (c'est une idee).


@DJ, its too bad there wasnt one available that had both doors intact for you. A lot of them were missing the "periscope" too. Does yours have it?


@glickclik missing door and missing periscope. i didn't know when i ordered but not a big deal. still will be a cool bot:)


Im so sure it will! Loves your previous creations and know that it wouldnt be a problem at all. In fact it may be a benefit in some way! To be honest I think it would be no problem at all to cover over thin sheet plastic. Kudos on the find and I cant wait to see the latest addition in action!


hello to all. I voulai know or find your map shield R2D2 holding in hands on your site ?


If you're talking about the board R2 is holding in his hands in the first picture then it is the discontinued EZB3 board... You can now buy the new EZB4 board....

Si tu referes au tableau que R2 tient dans ses mains dans la premiere photo c'est le EZB3 qui n'est plus disponible. Presentement tu peux acheter le EZB4.


Merci Richard R d'avoir répondu

Avez vous un lien pour cette achat du EZB4 car je ne le trouve pas?


A très bien merci encore a vous Richard R

J'aurai une autre question concernent le robot R2D2 qui et sur la page, quelle taille fait t'il ? Car il y a plusieurs modèles en plusieurs tailles.


@Dave.. LOL... If you consider that most of the time is spent with my hands in my pants, guzzling cheap beer, belching and watching football, then yeah... Guess I am....:P