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Lonsome George Last Galapagos Standing (Male)

i look it up what galapagos mean.well here it is.

lonsome george

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@nomad.... You had to look it up? You never heard of the Galapagos Islands? You know as in Charles Darwin? Origin of the Species and all? Theory of evolution? Any of that ring a bell?:P
no i went to school for special people who's brain function is slow and not,
work as normal people.we just learn how to wright &read ,little math.
working some wood and iron thats all.
@nomad.... Your brain works fine.... Don't let anyone tell you otherwise....
my brain works good enough for daily things to do.
i dont know how to say it in englich,but i have bin exsamination for brains.
what you do in 5 min i have to do in 5 days or some weeks.or not at all.
but am happy .i did all normal stuff people do .:D
@nomad18.08 You are a great contributor to this forum, enthusiastic and always coming up with something new, different and interesting. When you have a problem you keep persisting till you get the right answer.

You clearly demonstrate that you don't let any disabilities hold you back!

Good on ya @nomad18.08 you are an inspiration!

thats very nice to say.

thank you
Keep going Nomad 18.08 Cheers
yeach he needs a womans hand......