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Life's Challenges And The Future

I've been pretty quiet on the forum as of late. There are a few reasons, good and bad. Life has a tendency to throw a curve ball now and then plus a couple of road blocks when you least expect it. I've been the primary care giver for an ill family member, who now lives with us. This consumes much of my day time and I've had to restructure my life around it. This has forced me to make some choices about "whats next" and I've had to make some sacrifices. But, the prospects are also appealing.

As some of you know I've been throwing around the idea of a robotics Youtube channel. The notion of giving back my knowledge to the community via YouTube is intriguing. Success if not a guarantee and its an exhaustive, time consuming, thrown in with some luck and alot of views and clicks! But, I think this is the best option for my current situation. And Alan and Alena have agreed to be co-hosts on the show. So, whats not to like?
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At the minimum, the channel will result a repository of videos showing current robot technology, 3D tools and I how to use them to build robots. It will also allow me to explore the hundreds of robot ideas in my head. In fact the very first robot for the show, is a full sized 6 foot robot I designed on paper 20 years ago! Every robot build will consist of several episodes to build to completion (approx 6 to 8 episodes) and will be released bi monthly. The channel will be rebranded as "REEL ROBOTS" and will launch in 2020.

Plans and BOMs will be in our store, available for anyone interested in replicating some of the robots from the show. Some Patreon tiers will offer store discounts, on those plans. They will be released under the creative commons license.  Other videos will cover subjects like animatronics, which will cover using robotics to make animatronic characters to move. Other topics covered: 3D scanning, 3d printing, designing robots with Zbrush, and continued exploration of motion capture for robot motions and much more. 

Robots are expensive to build as you all know, and support will be paramount. I'm currently producing a video for my very first sponsor and I hope more sponsors will support me once the channel launches. The success of this endevour will in part be by interest, viewer participation, sponsors, merch, affiliate links and Patreon members.  If you are not yet a subscriber, please stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe its free! If you have friends and family who also might be interested in my content send them a link to subscribe too. This will really help me get the subscriber numbers going. In the weeks to come, I will be adding an intro video to my YouTube channel and links to my Patreon page for anyone interested in supporting.  With some luck and success i will be able to answer the succeeding question, "whats next?" ;).

All the best,


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Thanks I appreciate the compliment! And glad you are laughing!
Funny as can be, thanks for sharing your amazing robot

Haha I love that intro!!! Can't wait to watch the rest. Just wanted to tell you the hook worked with me!
@Fxtst  You are welcome.. Can I order some blue milk with a side of  Green eggs and ham.   Forget that I would like Green Beer, it's not St patrick's day but hay i'm Irish.;)
That was awesome. It would be really fun to test it out at a real bar someday. It would be fun to see peoples reaction to it.
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@robohappy It sure would! I already figured out a way to hide a partial keg under his skirt for beer! (Somehow that sentence sounded like it came from a university dorm!) LOL.
Love the videos!
Really enjoy watching them.
You are one fast programmer... lol.

I think you need Alan on the table next to you giving some advice ... lol.
 Keep up the great work!
Great to see this evolving!!
Well paced, good content and a fantastic build!!:D
Will, I can't say much more then has already been said here. It's all true. However after all these years of seeing you design and build your robots and the artisan talents you put into them I still stand amazed. I know I shouldn't be surprised after all this time but it dazzles me. 

Have you ever thought about going into acting? You have obviously picked up a lot of good tips from the pros that have brought your natural talents to the surface. You're very smooth and enjoyable to watch.
Hahahah...thanks for the Kudos. My biggest fear is being on the other side of the camera..and now I'm here. I'm beginning to have some fun and show my goofy side...I hope some people are enjoying it. But I still feel like Cindy on the Brady Bunch TV episode when the cameras go live:

What a great Robot !

Super job Will, another enjoyable episode.
@Fxtst  Will I think it was EzAng that asked you how did you sinc the mouth led with the voice, I am guessing you put the positive from the led to the control wire and the ground from the led to ground on the port 0 on the controller.  I am using the mouth and led's together on COG, can I connect the mouth servo and led to the same port on the Controller, do you think this can work?  thanks Will
I had planned to cover that in the last episode it’s was getting to choppy so I’ll cover it in an upcoming episode. The leds use 12 volts so I have it connected to a reed relay. The signal comes from the audio servo controller that I use often. Similar cheaper device to the scary terry board. Overkill for this project but I have boxes of audio servo control boards. I always try to use what I have around the shop. But there are really cheap audio to led boards for super cheap on eBay.
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I don't know if you all would find this useful but there's a chap in my B9 Robot Build's club that designed and sells a voice interface board. It does just what it sounds like it would do and works wonderfully. It flashes Neon, LED's or incandescent bulbs to music or voice signals. He provides wiring schematics for each method and sweet installation instructions. It's very small (a little bigger then the size of half a credit card) and inexpensive (Fully assembled $35 USD, Self assemble (21 USD). I've already installed one in a B9 Robot I'm rebuilding for a friend and I was amazed how simple it is to install and how great it works. It never misses a beat once (easley) tuned in. Here's a link to Steve Neal's vendor page with lots more info.

For some reason this forum won't link to that page so if you are interested please cut and paste this into your browser:


Just in case it's me here's the hyperlink :

Don't let the face that he's selling these for B9 Robots fool you. They will work in other applications. Also Steve is in Australia but shipping is fast and cheap. $3.00 without tracking, $14 with tracking. I've bought two and each time they arrived within a week to the USA. 

Here's a (long,) video I made of installing this system into the B9 robot I mentioned above. You can skip ahead to mark 33:40 to see Steve's board wired in and 59:00 to see how nice the flash syncs to the voice. I even got it tuned in better after this video:

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This was a woops. Nothing to see here. Sorry
@Dave Schulpius  Hi Dave thank you for your quick reply, Yes that audio board sounds great, But I have a Scarry Terry board I did not want to use it and was hoping for a quick and simple solution as COG my new Robot does not have that much room for electronics, I mean hanging extra wires, I read on synthiam that you could connect LED's to a regular servo port with just the control wire and ground.  I have not tried this but COG has a mouth and there are LED's in the eyes and I wanted them to flash and the mouth move at the same time.  maybe someone would know if this can be done.  Love your Posts. Thanks
Just an update. I am still working on Episode 4. Hoping to have it out in a week. Alot things happening put me very far behind. Its definitely worth the wait though!
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Update..lol...so I had a "oh noooo" moment today, that has put me behind a bit. I was hoping for a Tuesday release, but looks like might be a few more days beyond that. When I started this robot build I was three weeks ahead on my episodes, but the arms (which I had not yet figured out) turned out to be a beast to design and execute in the small spaces I provided myself. LOL. I managed to pull it off but I am many months behind. Hopefully all the other robots will be fully envisioned before I start adding episodes to YouTube...and probably should not have started with a 6 foot 3 inch (190 cm) robot! Doh!