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Life's Challenges And The Future

I've been pretty quiet on the forum as of late. There are a few reasons, good and bad. Life has a tendency to throw a curve ball now and then plus a couple of road blocks when you least expect it. I've been the primary care giver for an ill family member, who now lives with us. This consumes much of my day time and I've had to restructure my life around it. This has forced me to make some choices about "whats next" and I've had to make some sacrifices. But, the prospects are also appealing.

As some of you know I've been throwing around the idea of a robotics Youtube channel. The notion of giving back my knowledge to the community via YouTube is intriguing. Success if not a guarantee and its an exhaustive, time consuming, thrown in with some luck and alot of views and clicks! But, I think this is the best option for my current situation. And Alan and Alena have agreed to be co-hosts on the show. So, whats not to like?
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At the minimum, the channel will result a repository of videos showing current robot technology, 3D tools and I how to use them to build robots. It will also allow me to explore the hundreds of robot ideas in my head. In fact the very first robot for the show, is a full sized 6 foot robot I designed on paper 20 years ago! Every robot build will consist of several episodes to build to completion (approx 6 to 8 episodes) and will be released weekly or bi monthly. The channel will be rebranded as "Reel Robots" and will launch in 2020.

Plans and BOMs will be in our store, available for anyone interested in replicating some of the robots from the show. Some Patreon tiers will offer store discounts, on those plans. They will be released under the creative commons license.  Other videos will cover subjects like animatronics, which will cover using robotics to make animatronic characters to move. Other topics covered: 3D scanning, 3d printing, designing robots with Zbrush, and continued exploration of motion capture for robot motions and much more. 

Robots are expensive to build as you all know, and support will be paramount. I'm currently producing a video for my very first sponsor and I hope more sponsors will support me once the channel launches. The success of this endevour will in part be by interest, viewer participation, sponsors, merch, affiliate links and Patreon members.  If you are not yet a subscriber, please stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe its free! If you have friends and family who also might be interested in my content send them a link to subscribe too. This will really help me get the subscriber numbers going. I'd like to hit 1000 before I launch the channel (currently 786). In the weeks to come, I will be adding an intro video to my YouTube channel and links to my Patreon page for anyone interested in supporting.  With some luck and success i will be able to answer the succeeding question, "whats next?" ;).

All the best,


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They are my goto printers. They are die hard and print great parts. Highly recommended.
I haven't taken the 3d plunge yet. Still waiting for them to get more user friendly.
Hi Will, Regarding 3D printers  will a 200 x200 x180 printer be able to be used when you build projects on Reel Robots ,?
Just wanted to know the answer so those who are looking to buy know what size to get.
Dave,  I have yet to hear of a friendly 3D printer. Most can be quite Nasty.
@andy, my experience has been that you can nearly print any 3D object at any size. You can take files and cut them it into smaller pieces to print. And on the flip side if you have a large printer you can merge parts. I remember seeing a guy in the Uk print an Austin Healy car on one printer. With a small print bed.

Some projects will be big and some smaller.