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Resolved Resolved by Perry_S!

A Youtube Channel Called Reel Robots

So what is next? As some of you know I've been throwing around the idea of a robotics Youtube channel. The notion of giving back my knowledge to the community via YouTube is intriguing. At the very least, the channel will result in a repository of videos showing current robot technology, 3D tools, and how I to use them to build robots. The channel also allow me to explore the hundreds of robot ideas in my head. Every robot build will consist of several episodes to complete (approx 6 to 8 episodes) and will be released bi-monthly. The channel will be rebranded as "REEL ROBOTS" ("REEL" as in a movie reel, as most of my robots, will look as though they stepped out of a movie) and will launch in May 2020.
Robots are expensive to build as you all know, and support will be paramount. The success of this endeavor will in part be by interest, viewer participation, sponsors, merch, affiliate links, and Patreon members.  If you are not yet a subscriber, please stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe its free! 

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#329   — Edited
Will, I your last video you mentioned reverse schematics to get smoother arm movements. Could you point me to some info on that or quickly explain what that is? I tried looking it up but found nothing useful.
Actually, it's called IK (Inverse kinematics). If you watch this video where I am moving the mock-up of a real leg (3 servos) with a virtual (computer model).

We animate in ARC by using FK (Forward Kinematics) As we move a joint like say a shoulder joint all the other joints like the elbow and wrist follow too as they are attached to the shoulder. In IK, if move the hand by pulling on it, some basic trigonometry is used to determine where the elbow and shoulder rotation will go. Like a real arm.

In IK and robotics, you are creating complex motions that would be difficult to animate by hand.

The best way to imagine this on your B-9, is to have a virtual B-9 model in the computer, and use your cursor to grab the claw and pull on it... your real robot would move his arm out and follow the same motion path that you are doing with the cursor in the computer. The power comes in, as you record that motion live!

There is an object called a "goal or end effector". This object can be anything like a cube or some other object in the computer. In my video its just a small cube. Then there is the IK chain. Imagine the IK chain as being like bones in your arm. As you move the goal the "bones" will try and follow that goal. But they must follow the rules you put into place. As an example, your actual elbow cannot move backward. Same thing for your joints (servos) on your robot. So the arm will try to follow this goal object AND follow the rules and restraints you have set up on your servos (i.e 1-180). The IK chain can never move beyond the limits you have set. All in all, it allows you to record very very complex animations with little to no effort. AND with animation curves, you can very easily edit your motions after recording, fine-tuning your animations, and creating the perfect easing in and easing out.

My experience on robots as big as ours is that ARC doesn't know what size your robot is.  It applies the same rules to every joint. Move from point A to B in a linear motion path as fast as you decide to move it..but with the mass and weight of big robots, you need to have control over acceleration (ease in and out). I think that is why you are using the kangaroo, the ease in and out that is built into the firmware?!

I have a demo video coming up soon, that tackles this issue.
Just realized I didn't make a comment yet. Amazing video Will!

The production value of Thirsty Wars was top-notch, I don't think I've ever seen a video that great in the DIY robotics genre! Loved episode 8 too:D
Thanks for the detailed explanation Will. You made it very easy to understand this concept. I'm looking forward to that demo video you mentioned on this subject.

Also, yes. The Kangaroo makes the movements it makes look realistic by easing in and out of the movement. I've been calling this effect ramping. However our meanings (easing and ramping) seem to be the same.
#333   — Edited
Yes, indeed ramping and ease in and out are the same meaning! Glad that was a bit clear. Hard to describe functions in writing. Yeah, I have something very special to demo;)
Hey, I also realized I just commented only over there on YouTube...this episode was such a great ending to a great first season!!:D
Looking forward to the show evolving!! You are such a great host!!
  I have been a subscriber for a while, and totally enjoy your work. 
You provide great detail, keep up the great work.
Steve S
#336   — Edited
I've been messing around with speeding up the arm movement on Arbee. I like this animation speed and smoothness, plus he can get drinks poured faster!

#338   — Edited
I used the same frames I created originally, then edited all the actions by dropping the speed down to 1 to all or most of the motions. I also played around with the steps to get a faster smoother motion. Its about 15 seconds to grab a cup and place it on the table and 15 secs to fill the cup.

When I return from vacation I am organizing a fundraiser for St. Judes Hospital. The kids want to do a lemonade stand with Arbee, So he will have a much shorter dialog and faster cup dispense and fill per customer. Trying to get it close to 1 min or 1 min 30- secs per customer. Pump 1 will be re routed into a 5-gallon container of lemonade. Kids will add ice and take money.

We are going to do a live stream on Youtube and see how long he will run before a breakdown. lol. We would like to run the event for an hour to an hour and a half. Expecting a big turnout. (we have great neighbors ). Last year the kids raised $400.
Nice! Will you have a way to call in to buy a virtual on line glass of lemonade? I'd surely make the call. That droid of yours will be a huge draw.  

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the speed and steps of the Auto Position control. However once I played with it I was able to get a better understanding and got my arm's working a lot smoother. Looks like you found the sweet spot also.
Yes, we will have all kinds of ways to buy a virtual glass of lemonade! I'll be sure to post here all the ways people can join in weeks before we go live!
That’s so wild! You can connect it to exosphere and add a custom button script to pour the lemonade. Setup a camera for it:) that’ll be neat

I love your videos, the work you do is original and fantastic!   We all ready donate to ST. Judes monthly and its great you also support them.   Just a thought, how are you able to clean or sanitize the tube in the arm?   I loved the Thirsty wars and all the other episodes too. 

#343   — Edited
Thanks Merne. The tubes are all food-grade silicone and are easily and cheaply replaceable. The parastolic pumps are never in contact with the fluid. The tubes are all there is to clean. I’ve taken the current set off and boiled them in water and reattached them a few times. I also have about 20 more feet of tubing (very cheap). Plenty of options to keep everyone safe and the robot and drinks clean.
Hey guys, still alive. I've had alot going on and I've not been able to post or shoot a video for a long while. I've got a few more videos to do before I go to work on Guardians 3, including a scanner review, a printer review, and resin review as well as bringing the hexapod back to life. Many of these are overlapping and interdependant. If I can't catch up soon the next episode won't be until May 2022 when we finish shooting Guardians:( That's all I have for now.
Will, thanks for the update. I really look forward to seeing both your work on Guardians 3 and what your amazing mind will come up with for your upcoming projects.
We're all looking forward to your videos! And of course, Guardians 3 O_O that's also exciting. Watching your videos is a big part of my entertainment list:D
Wb Will. A kiss to Zoe from me!*love*
Nice to hear from you again Will. Look forward to Guardians 3 and to see what you got next up your sleeve on your next builds.