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A Youtube Channel Called Reel Robots

So what is next? As some of you know I've been throwing around the idea of a robotics Youtube channel. The notion of giving back my knowledge to the community via YouTube is intriguing. At the minimum, the channel will result in a repository of videos showing current robot technology, 3D tools, and I how to use them to build robots. It will also allow me to explore the hundreds of robot ideas in my head. Every robot build will consist of several episodes to complete (approx 6 to 8 episodes) and will be released bi-monthly. The channel will be rebranded as "REEL ROBOTS" and will launch in May 2020.
Robots are expensive to build as you all know, and support will be paramount. The success of this endeavor will in part be by interest, viewer participation, sponsors, merch, affiliate links, and Patreon members.  If you are not yet a subscriber, please stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe its free! 

All the best,


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My new video is out and covers 12 Zbrush tools I use most often most, to create robots and parts that can be 3d printed.

Now I want to learn more about ZBrush...that robot head looks great!!:)
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....hey great feed back! Getting alot of interest on this video. So, likely to continue with a video series on Zbrush.....glad you like the head!
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Happy New Year Will and family from EzAng and family

I thought part of this video reminded me about your serving robot https://youtu.be/baHH_xMaJ1w

wonderful technology here - skip ads

Let me know

.....thats a big player! Amazing people can get support like that on open source software!
Will Huff would like this


Garner Holt Productions, Inc.
is the gateway to realms of incredible imagination, artistry, technical wizardry, experienced industry experts, and unmatched, proven quality. From creating the world’s finest and most lifelike animatronic figures, to design for themed attractions, museums, retail and restaurant locations and more, GHP is the most complete design and production workshop in the world.
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Hey guys. I released a non-robot related episode. A bit of filler as I continue work on the painting video...

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Thanks Will for sharing this. I could tell how proud you are of this. You are part of it's design and concept. I think I saw your hands shaking a little in excitement as you unwrapped the box. ;-)

Wow, what a work of art! I was stunned at the quality and detail put into this figure. When I saw the sculpt of the face and the shine and wave of her hair I thought I was looking at the real thing. They did such a nice job and your fortunate to own one. I know there was no stopping you in getting this if available. LOL. Is she green all over of just where it shows? How long did it take you to change her shirt? LOL:p

I love the way she can be posed in very lifelike frames. The only thing I don't like is the stand that holds her. I think they could come up with something less obvious. Those things sticking out from between her legs are distracting.
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Haahahh yeah she is green all the way through! Side show actually sells all the Guardians ...some are iffy....but I think Gamora is based on an actual scan they toy company did while Zoe was in the make up! So the accuracy is spot on. 

I agree on the 'stand' I like it when there are like peg and holes in the shoes and platform...much better way..
Whew. Episode 6 is now available for your consumption:)

You have amazing skills.  Awesome!
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Wow, great paint job Will! Thank you for not only sharing the video but also sharing your painting techniques, invaluable knowledge!

I'm not sure if it's an easter egg or not but I noticed that the '03' kinda looks like a sideways 'Mo'.

That name reminds me of a certain drink dispensing Simpsons character:D
Thanks Jer! Hahah thats a great idea on Mo! But, I actually made his Star Wars-style nomenclature, RB-03 (Robotic Bartender-3) or "Arby" for short. Bu "Mo" is starting to grow on mexD
Thought I'd throw up a couple of pics showing off the final paint job. 

User-inserted image
look great, thanks for sharing...

You are such an artist  :-)
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Well I love that paint job. Just like everything else you do very professional. Also the way he stands with his arms hanging behind him is very alien. It's totally reminds me of the captain in Star trek Discovery. That's one strange looking alien there.
Great and incredibly sweet!! So nice you featured your kids!!:)

This so sooooo awesome!! I am jealous!!:D
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Hey Will, I just found the time to watch your latest episode. I'm truly blown away. There's so much going on in this one that's amazing I don't know where to start. You make this level of excellence look easy. 

I really loved the idea of using aluminum foil for coverup. I've struggled over the years with news paper and other kinds of paper to mask but alu foil looks like it really does a super job. I'm going to keep that trick in my tool box if you don't mind. 

Your Kids were a great touch. You gotta be proud of them. Who was that big kid that looks just like you that was helping you weather the droid? Your brother? I think he's actually a little better looking then you are. LOL. I'm just kidding, I know it was your stunt double (but he's still better looking). Your film skills are equally as amazing as your building skills.
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As always, thanks Dave. Yeah the aluminum foil trick is amazing..saves on a lot of tape and it stays in place! Yes had a great time with the kids. They have been begging to be on a show. I was so surprised by my son wanting to do it and stepped into his acting shoes like he's done it all his life! LOL.
Yeah that twin brother of mine never doesn't anything I ask him to do! He is so lazy! But he works for peanuts...so!

Glad you enjoyed the episode!