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Lcd Screen Questions

Dj, what serial lcd screen did you use for you omnibot 2000?

Is there a brand of lcd you especially like/use?

Also, all i can find is i2c serial lcd screens when i search serial lcd screens on ebay. ?

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It's a tv lcd from a car headrest connected to an ipod


oh... but u have mentioned lcd screens. im a little confused because of "i2c serial lcd screens". Do you have a tutorial on lcd screens at all? thinking of putting one in the front of my wall-e when im done phase 1.

Do you have a pic of the setup for your lcd?


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There are two different items that both can be referred to as LCD displays.

  1. Small 2x8 style LCD displays, usually I2C or Serial (like the first of your links)
  2. LCD displays such as monitors, tvs etc. (like the second link)

They both work differently. Typically the second type need a video input through VGA or composite (or possibly HDMI these days?). The EZB cannot output anything to this type of screen.

There are the smaller LCD displays which are Serial or I2C, I've yet to source a serial one to fit my current project but I2C are all over eBay. Be wary of which one you get and search on here first as the one I bought was useless as it had no decent documentation.

You can use either Serial (3 wire, connects to Digital Port) or I2C (4 wire, connects to I2C Bus). I2C is more complicated than Serial, at least to me it is...

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That one looks like the I2C one I bought and threw out due to lack of usable information.

Have a read of this topic here to see just how difficult I2C can be.


yea it's just that almost all of the displays on ebay are titled "IIc/I2c serial lcd display"


It's going to be difficult to find because ebay sellers title te LCD incorrectly.

On the LCD hardware tutorial page there Is a link to search eBay


yea thats what i went to DJ. So does the title I2c serial lcd mean its serial and i2c compatible?



May I ask what you need the LCD to display?


Just basically anything i want. I would send a command to display certain text.

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If it's just text you want displayed, and not much text, say 8 characters per line, 2 or 4 lines, then you need to find yourself a simple serial LCD 8x2 or 8x4 display. Look for Serial 3 wire LCD displays. It needs only 3 wires, VCC, Ground and Data.

If it has 4 wires it's probably I2C and not worth the time or effort.


i give up on this. i will do other stuff instead. Any ideas?

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I posted a link to one a while back, here it is again Linky Link Link

While I'm not 100% sure it's the right thing I am 99% sure.

It's 5 pin, but only 3 are needed;


Pin 1 RX(m) Signal in non-inverted Pin 2 TX Signal out controlled by software Pin 3 +5V Power Pin 4 RX(232) Signal in inverted for direct connection to RS232 Pin 5 GND Ground

Wire a servo extension as follows; Black to pin 5 Red to pin 3 White to pin 1 or 4 (unsure which, it could be either)

Wait for someone to confirm before buying, I wouldn't want someone to get the wrong thing from something I've said.