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Laptop Suggestions


I develop computer vision software and want to get rolling with EZ-Robot.

My issue is that I'm a Mac guy and need a rec on what windows running machine I should buy that can perform best with video/graphics/all the stuff I will do?

Or should i just run it using Parallels on my macbook pro?


El Cunado

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Why not create a seperate partition on your MacBook, and install Windows?


You could also try parallels....I have heard from quite a few Mac users it works very well...


He wants to keep his equipment separate. Now I will say the high end Dell xps are good and g70 and above models for Asus Gamer laptops are excellent machines. They have good dedicated video cards , very reliable as well , I've had three Asus laptops and never a problem out of any of them in a wide variety of uses.


I've been using Sony laptops for years. I enjoy their higher end processor selections and visual appeal. However, if you watch my videos you will see paint rubbing off the plastic shell from over-use. That probably happens with any laptop, but i only have Sony experience to speak of.

Every Sony I have had - there is one complaint. The left mouse button stops working properly. Over time, the left mouse button begins to become less sensitive and will fustrate you. I'm at that point now, where i need a new laptop because the left mouse button doesn't work well. The laptop is about one year old now, and that saddens me. I'll contact Sony someday and see if there is a repair kit i can purchase.

This is a fantastic I7 Extreme processor. 8 gb ram and 160 gb solid state drive. It's super fast and it would be a shame to purchase a new laptop to get similar hardware just over a mouse button.


You should sell him your used one ;p


DJ, do an eBay search for your laptop's model # + touch pad, you'll find a new replacement, promise!