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Kinect Support On V4

Hey everyone I was just wondering has anyone heard if V4 will support kinect or encoders?


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United Kingdom
Encoders aren't likely to ever be supported as DJ has mentioned they are working on a better method of tracking position. However, they are kind of supported now, you just need to use EZ-Script to use them.

As for the Kinect, nothing has been mentioned for a while, it's coming (based on the kinect icon in ARC) but no idea when nor what it'll do.
What are the some of those methods?

Oh yea I forgot about the icon.

Those are two things I am really hoping for soon. I want to use 3d vision for navigation and object recognition

Thanks for the info Rich.
i imagine you can use encoders with a counter using scripts as efficient as encoders can be. they just leave a lot of "play" in measurements and are not consistent. I imagine 3d vision for navigation is difficult if thats really what you want to use. Im crossing my fingers ezb gets it because a lot of robot builders who want to spend $ on a robot already bought one. Im not one of them yet though. :)

Im going to be experimenting with QR grid coding and if I can get the math in script a " northstar" style positioning.
United Kingdom
DJ mentioned IR based tracking using cameras to find the robot in another topic a few weeks back, it was also mentioned a while before that too. No ETA and very few details though.
Here here. I also have a Kinect for Win that's eager to be outfitted in my rock climber truck.