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Just A Bit O' Fun

in the red corner XLR 1 and in the blue corner altair EZ:2 with Doombot as referee
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Hilarious! Although I think @Richard R's InMoov should referree, and serve me booze while I watch my Doom crush the children's robots...

@Richard R

I think EZ:2 is fiberglass, and fiberglass is not plastic, unless some of the panels are plastic. Sure, XLR-One is PLA for now, but wait till @Anthony and I partner up (if we do) and reproduce him in better materials! ;)


Love how the EZ:2 evolved so much, however I never got those motors you promised me? Everything cool?

I think intelligence-wise, Doombot is the dumbest :D because he is NOT autonomous (strictly R/C only). Maybe that's why he's the referree? It's gonna be different with Dirge though, I already talked to a reputable programmer on here in private (shhhh secret!) so watch out!

I think Doom Is still the best as he is METALLLLLL! \m/ \m/ \m/

Anyway this is great guys kinda like Celebrity Death Match!
I would definately be interested in helping Ant out. I had thought about asking him to do this, but decided to help his kickstarter and start working on this after I got the robot. I would love to work with others on a community version of an app to help him out. I am even thinking about two versions of an AI. One would be community and one would be commercial based on which speech engine is used. I am pretty sure that XLR wants to be android driven which limits some capabilities but makes it extremely mobile.
@David.... I would love to help too... I am not as an accomplished programmer as you or Rich, but I am pretty sure I have something to offer Anthony programming wise... I think that if Anthony can provide XLR1 with a Example Project (much like DJ did with his Revolution bots Roli, JD and Six) he would then have a full comprehensive robot package to offer his customers....
@Doombot... No doubt a collaboration between you and Anthony could produce probably the best designed and built bots on here... You guys just need someone to produce software for it....
United Kingdom
@Doombot, I sent the motors out months ago (surface mail) maybe I got the address wrong or they just got lost? Here is a jpeg of the package that was sent.

User-inserted image

If you still need these motors, I will send another shipment but will need to check if I have your right address.

A collaboration of both hardware and software using the EZB(4) controller could generate a really cool looking and performing robot. Members of this community do not lack in skill or suggestions in how to accomplish this. A great step forward is the way Anthony has presented his 3D designs and accepted and implemented design ideas brought fourth by this group.
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STLs would be of no use to me, I don't have a 3D printer (yet).

I'm sure the XLR series of robots will become more intelligent as time goes on. If you think about it though, we are comparing a robot built from revising older robots (EZ:2) against a very new robot that hasn't really been given any time on the programming side of things other than scripted actions and moves.

I've always said I'm on hand to guide for any scripting and EZ-B projects and Anthony has come to me for one specific idea he has (which I can't divulge any information on) and once the kickstarter gets those robots out I'm sure we will see revised robots with more sensors and better programming.

P.S. Jarvis would win any fight, he is much like how God is depicted, you can't see him but you know he is there:)
@Richard R
That's what I'm asking on my Dirgebot post...I know what I'm good at, I know my limitations. That's why i need an in house programmer... I'd like a right out of the box commercial software package. But it has to be spectacular, because it would be a shame not to use the EZb's capabilities...it's just that amazing.

When I finish the Dirgebot prototype I may give away some samples out here...for software development. I'm not going the Kickstarter route. When the proto is done I will go into production immediately. Like I said I already have a warehouse I'm ready to use and I got all the tools and machines I need.
@Rich... Jarvis would just figure out a way to shut both of them down with some fancy EM pulse... Then send Melvin over to tip them both over like sleeping cows....:D

NO! I never got that dude. You know I wouldve said something on here if I did. Id still like to give it a try if youre still willing to send it. I was gonna send you some stuff too in the future.
@Doombot... If I can help any, just let me know... Would love to see you bot come alive... I am pretty sure you could scare the crap out of kids at Halloween...:)
@Richard R
I'll take you up on that. send me an email with your personal contact if you want.

Oh yeah the address is correct.;) Send me your email address again please :D Use the above address. Thanks!
United Kingdom
@Doombot, no problem, I will try to get another package out to you in the next week or so. I not sure how long the packages take, but I think Mel's, Dave's and Rex packages took a couple of weeks by surface mail.

@Toymaker, @Doombot,

I have several of these motors that Toymaker sent me last year. I wont be using them. I did mod one of them but it's still just like new I think. I can send them to you free of charge just like Tony did for me. Let me know and I can get them to you next week.
@Dave I would be interested if Doombot isn't... Of course I would pay for shipping... Can you remind me what motors they are?
@Richard R
They're Bosch worm gear motors with an internal potentiometer. If both Dave and Tony are sending me some I'd throw some out your way... Not literally of course!
Doombot yeah! Long live Skynet! it is our destiney.....
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Richard R, I can send you some Bosh servo motors directly email me your address to toymaker(dot)tony(at)gmail(dot)com

I use these motors extensively on the EZ:1 (and EZ:2) robots as they have plenty of torque and are virtually silent in operation and because they are worm driven they have no holding slippage and require no holding current.

User-inserted image

On the MD5DOF arm above I use two for the shoulder their voltage is upped (from the main 12v battery) to 18v for the extra torque required. Another is used in the bicep and a further one is used in the wrist. They also work great for pan/tilt in the head. This arm can pick up a can of drink with no problems.