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Josh, Do You Have A Link To Your Servo Tester From Sparkfun?

Josh, do you have a link to your servo tester from sparkFUN?


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United Kingdom
Does it have to be a Sparkfun one? Turnigy do a few different servo testers (as do other manufacturers), but sparkfun come up blank for servo testers.
Thank You Guys. I had gotten one in from China for $2.50. It looked just like the expensive ones I've seen. And, it was brand new. But, I never could figure out how to work it. I thought I would take another look at it before I trashed it. Well, guess what? I figured it out and it works good. I have tested about 20 servos. It is so difficult to use the EZB while it is inside of a robot. It is just not convenient. But, this way I know what works and I know it is continuous rotation or not.

Thank YOU for the Help