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Jd Walking

Perhaps I am just too dense to find it but the out-of-the-box actions in ARC for JD have dancing, sitting, etc. but nothing for walking. Given the things has legs and is a "humanoid" this must exist?

Can anyone help point me to how I accomplish getting JD to walk?

Thanks Scott


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just hit the forward button on the Movement Panel (looks like an arrow) (or right, left and reverse to go different directions).



If you hit forward on the movement panel, you should have him move. The actual action that is executed should be in the settings of the AutoPosition control.


The learn section has a course entitled JD - which explains how to assemble and fine tune the servos. Near the end is the Making JD Move tutorial, which demonstrates how to have him move. Here is a direct link:

I also recommend reviewing the tutorials in the JD course because there is important information about operating JD.