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Jd Robot

hi.does JD robot check his servo's for overheating? *blush*


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for a humanoid its needed cause when you make steps in a motion it takes some time.
All it would take is some temperature sensors, some hot gluing(to the servos), and some scripting using the datasheet from the sensors and the Sendserial() command.
good there is a possibility to do it.
i know when you drill little holes in the servo.the temp also stay low.
i done this whit bioloidservo.it stay as long below max temperture.

We haven't had any over heating issues. If you limit the servos to 7.4 volts they're very strong.:)
hi you mean if i stay on 7.4 volts it dont make heat? *blush*
probably not. they may get warm with a lot of use but 7.4v is good.
thank you for this info.
in bioloid they chutt down when the heat is toomuch.
you can also adjust the temp by 10 more or less.
see what power or loading is.all kinds off stuuf to check for.
DJ sures can you make this.a check up list what servo's are doing under pressure.