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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Jd Not Working

hello I'm a jd owner and my jd and has not been working very well. when i first got it we were given parts because the on we got did not work and we thought that the problem was solved. my dad took it to his work to see if someone could do calibrate it for us. I thought that it worked but it would not walk straight or turn correctly. so I decided to re calibrate it but when i did it would all ways fall over when walking. please help i do not know what to do.


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Tristan, perhaps a video on how to calibrate will help. I'll make one for you today.:)

I know robotics is new to many people - and we have the tools to make it very easy. However, sometimes people need a video demonstration.

Also remember that the tutorials mention Jd can only walk on hard surfaces - not carpet, etc.
Nomad18.08 i have already gone through the calibration tutorials twice know and still nothing different. and when will that video be posted.
hows de robot standing when you connect him?
did you test all servo's separt?
Tristan, videos take a few days.

In the meantime, please ensure your robot is not walking on carpet. Robots only walk on flat even surfaces. Also, you can view the assembly videos to ensure that you have built the robot correctly. We understand that not everyone understands how to build a robot, so we have put a great amount of effort toward tutorials to ensure. In fact, we have the most information about robotics and how to build them than anyone in the world :). So you're in a good place!

I would recommend viewing the assembly tutorial to ensure you have built the robot correctly. There are videos at the bottom of the tutorial which you can follow: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/71?courseId=1

Please let us know that you have followed the videos. Remember, there are thousands of people with operating JD's, so there's hope!
@Tristan DJ has posted a calibration video to help you.....
Thanks richard!

I rushed the video for you. Here it is - this will help:)

Like i said there's thousands of these JD's out there walking around - we will get you up and running!

Also, here is a direct link to the tutorial for creating a servo profile: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/33?courseId=1

Check that your JD is built correctly as well. There are tutorials in the LEARN section to help you with that. Verify the wires and servos are connected correctly. It's very easy if the instructions are followed. If a step is skipped or wire connected backward, JD will not operate.

According to your user profile ( http://www.ez-robot.com/User/Settings ), you have not completed any lessons. It is important that you review and complete lessons so we can better understand what steps you are experiencing trouble.

I just did that and I tried to make him walk on wood floor and still nothing different. And thank you making the video as quick as possible and I did do the lessons I just didn't jeck them.

when you calibrated your servo's.do you put them in port D0 correct ,
the bracket iff needed.and then pull the wire out D0 and put another servo in.
D0 whithout powering off or disconnect the ezbv4.when all done save,
the web page.and then you do the video as chown above from dj.
when you open the ARC you have to choose that file from fine tune.
@Tristan..... Here's the thing about servos (and most other stuff made).... Not all are created equal..... When they are manufactured the manufacturer has a set minimum tolerances for them.... This means as long as they meet a certain standard then they are deemed good.... This also means you (all of us too) are going to get some servos that are stronger than others.... So for example if your JD seems to always walk left when he is supposed to walk straight (even after he is correctly calibrated and fine tuned) the servos in his right leg might be a little stronger than the ones in his left....
This is what I would do.... Mix up the servos.... Take some servos from his right leg and swap them with some servos in his left.... or take servos from his arms and put them in his legs.... Bottom line is what you are trying to do here is even out how he walks by not having all the strong servos on one side of him....

iff you mix the servo's dont you need to do the fine tune and call all over again?
Yes probably, but fine tuning only takes a few minutes.... isn't it worth it if it gets his robot to walk straighter?....
i know avery robot walks a little to one side after a meter orso.
but you sure have a point .i would love to see a video from tristan robot,
in action.good for learning.
Thank you all for helping me to get my robot to work. it is walking normally because of you people thank you very much