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Jd Needs Shoes

Hello all, Didn't find anything on this in discussions but I think I have the worst possible combination environment for JD. On my wood floors, poor guy sort of wobbles around in circles while trying to walk straight because his feet keep slipping , then to make things worse, we have an area rug which has a slightly higher than average pile (not shaggy by any means) and he has a really hard time with that tilting side to side like a wavy ship. Has anyone added any kind of rubber pads to his feet or is that a bad idea.


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The box that JD comes in has rubber foam type padding. You could start with that to make him some rubbere type foot bottoms. I haven't done this but it is already paid for.
If he's walking in circles, the servo fine tune is needed. There's a learn tutorial regarding how to do it. The fine tune will make sure his servos are all at 90 degrees. Once you create a fine tune profile, he will walk straight.:)
Thanks. I need to finish my lessons on using JD, but is the fine tune going to help with what looks like his feet slipping on a bare wood floor?
The feet will be flat after calibration which should help.

Due to your body have a large number of muscles surrounding each joint, you don't slip when walking. Examine Jd and compare how he differs from your psychical body. The differences is what robotics is solving on a per use-case scenario. Recreating a "human" is an enormous task, as I you can imagine. Jd is limited with joints. So, you can be creative and add more joints. Design more joints. Contribute to the development of humanoids.