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Asked — Edited

Jd Is Quite As A Mous,No Sound To Hear In Choulders

i found the source where the loud noise comes from.(choulders)
on the chest is a ring where the arm goes on.when you screw part #8
it will block the chest whit part #8
thats where the loud noise comes from.


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United Kingdom
Nomad, isn't this the same problem which has been addressed in the email sent out regarding noise in JD's shoulders?

the problem is that part #8 is to short,excacly 1.5 mm (chaft)
its pressed against the outher ring on the chest.
thats causing the loud sound and a bad callibration.
the solution thats bin given in the mail is in my opinion not correct.
cause you have atleast 1 mm space between the end #8 and servo.
you can test this easly by take off the arms and #8 and let jd do excample ,
the pose thinking.you will hear nothing.put a #8 back on whit no screw,
the sound is there.the solution is a exstended #8 whits chould be 1.5 mm longer.
and also the gear teeth inside has to move up to the end 1.5 mm.
the servo feels alot resistant.

User-inserted image
we had sent a TSB that instructed JD owners to add paper spacers to lengthen the spacing for the part that is too short. Please let me know if you have not received the TSB and we will resend it to you.

I'm not sure what the difference is in your solution, @nomad18.08.
@Chrissi.... I think Nomad is bucking for an engineering position at EZ Robot.....:P
hi chrissi

i got the mail.and used it .but for me it didn do the job.
what i did is make the hole a little bigger from the chest.and that did work.
mine has 1.5 mm space between the end #8 and servo.
dont know if thats normal but thats the reason paper spacers dont work.
but no sound,so thats very good.

am retired,hehe
I'm glad to hear you found a solution @nomad18.08 ! :)