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Jd Ezb Losing Power Connection If Bumped Or Jolted

I was very fortunate to pick up a used Six and a JD from Ebay for $350 total. The kits are in good shape. My JD robot EZB appears to be disconnecting from the battery if you bump the EZB or it does a move that jars the robot too much Is there some trick to keep it from disconnecting? Can the EZB be removed and re-seated into JD's back?

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DJ, How do you remove the EZb from the JD body? It seems stuck and I don’t want to break something pulling it out. Is there a technique?


@mstephens_42 Just pull the ezb4 out of JD.... It's just a friction fit with the newer models being held in with the aid of magnets...


Something must be wrong with this one. I have pulled very hard and the EZB just won’t come out. Is appears the connection to the body is on the top side of the EZB in the back. It appears to pivot a little around that point but man it’s in there. Really afraid of breaking something.


Someone glued it? Or directly soldered the connection?


According to the previous owner no. I’ll try again at home tonight!


If you've used an EZ-B v4 before, they clip into the holder via a single pin connector and 2 small magnets in the plastic case hold it firm. To disconnect, you simply lift the ez-b out with little effort.

This is the same for all robots. If you cannot remove the EZ-B from a product purchased used, then i'd check to see if someone glued it or taped it.


Finally got it off! There is a double sided piece of foam tape on it. Is that from the facatory? Now I’ll do the procedure on the pins from the video.


Right on @mstephens_42

Nope, double sided foam tape is definitely not from the factory.


Pin adjustment worked great! No more disconnecting EZB!