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Jd Eyes And Rgb Led Array Ez-Bit Sneak Peek

There's been questions about how JD's eyes work - and the 18 RGB LED Block EZ-Bit. Well, I shot this quick video to demonstrate how you can easily make RGB LED animations using our new module. The control for creating animations is in the i2c folder and requires either a Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes or 18 RGB LED Block.

It's pretty awesome:) You're going to love it

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United Kingdom
Awesome stuff!
Ok sweet, I need to order one of those too.... That goes a long way in giving our bots some nice animation....:)
Very nice! I agree with @Richard R, they would add a lot of character

Could this block be clipped somehow onto the camera case to give it "eyes" ?

How easily could the eyes/cables be separated & put into a non-Revolution robot, eg a Wall-E?
@Tony1952 We're glad you like it!

The Camera has male EZ-clip on it so it could fit anywhere around the LED EZ-bit.

And yes, the Eyes could be retro fitted onto another robot if you'd like but it would be best to match it up with an EZ-Bv4 when you do the retrofit.
South Africa
Sweet it's awesome are you allowed to buy it from the website and how much are they
Thanks for the info @ skater_j10 !
Another question - is each "eye" of the LED EZ-bit on a separate board or are they both on one board?
it's one board with 18 RGB led's and it's programmable animations using the i2c RGB Animator control found in ARC.
Thanks for the quick response @DJ !
Looks to me that they might fit Wall-E's head/eye spacing but he'd require a bit of head surgery:)
@Mohamed.r they'll be on the website soon, but price has yet to be determined. Thanks for your interest!