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Jd Camera And Left Eye Not Working

Just receive my Revolution JD, calibrated it and he's dancing, somersaulting, singing, works great in only a couple hours. Great documentation, pretty awesome.

I have two issues as follows:

  1. No lights on the left eye, right eye is working fine. I tried the cable in all three 12c ports, same issue, assume this is a warranty issue but want to check before I submit that.

  2. The camera does not seem to be working. When I select EZB:// and click start I see: Camera Initialized, then a bunch of messages (flash too fast but the last one says camera disabled). I am running Windows 8.1. Is there a log file somewhere that shows the messages ? I'm good with the DOS command and Windows Explorer, so let me know where it is and I can find it. Guess i could search but funtime is over for tonight. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks


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Sorry to hear your having trouble. In regards the the camera, the camera IP address should be the same as your EZB. It should automatically be set, but make sure the cameras IP address is the same as the EZ-B (as seen in the connection control) with the only difference of leaving off the last two numbers. For example, if your EZ-B address is..., the cameras address should be... Then press "Start" on the camera control. Sometimes closing the project and reopening it helps, or deleting the camera control from your ARC project and adding it back to the project automaticly reassigns the correct IP address.

Another thing to check, can you see a fast flickering blue LED on the camera itself? When the camera is working correctly and the blue LED is flickering really fast (almost a solid light), it means the camera is fine but there is a communication error possibly with the cable. The fast flashing should start a couple of seconds after the EZ-B's power is switched on. You should be able to see the blue light through the plastic of JD's head. You can also open up JD's head and reseat the camera cable and insure it's not damaged or twisted in any way.

When the debug message flashes up on the bottom of the screen, you can click on "Always show" so you can read the message better.

In regards to the RGB eye array, you could open up JD's head and reseat the cable from that end. You could also try and open a new blank project, connect JD, open a new RGB LED control and try adding frames. When adding frames it will be in real time so you should see the LEDs light up. If they don't then it could be faulty and you possibly could file a Warrenty claim.

To do so, click Contact Us and then product warrenty. Make sure you check "I am not asking for technical assistance", then fill out the form including a link to the URL of this thread.



ip from the camera is same as ip ezbv4

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You are correct, but a I already mentioned that in the first paragraph.;)


steve G

doesn the last two digits :34 must included in there?

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No. From what I understand the camera doesn't use the last two digits of the EZ-B's IP address.


steve G

ah ok good to know ,thanks


The digits after the IP address (:23) are the TCP Port, not the address, and no, the camera doesn't need to have it specified, the port is built into the camera control.


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I thought as much. Thanks for confirming Alan.


Thanks Steve. I did the following:

  1. Took apart the head and reseat the cables, no luck. 2)Camera IP address is correct. I closed the project and re-opened it, no luck. This is what the camera and JD ip address is set to:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

3) No fast flickering LED, no blue light in the head.

For the eyes, I opened a new project created a new frame and saw each LED light up on the left eye but not the right eye. I will put in a Warranty Claim for this one.

Please advise on the Camera. Thanks for your help. Kev


FYI, I noticed my ARC wasn't the latest, so I installed the latest, nothing changed.


Warranty the camera - sounds faulty to me!:)


Will do. Sent message to customer support. Thanks

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Your welcome. So,if there is no blue light showing then it does unfortunately sound like there is a fault with the camera. I see you already have filed a claim for the camera as well which DJ suggested which is good. It sucks that your having these issues but it does happen from time to time. The guys at the office do respond pretty quickly so you should get the replacements fairly soon, and you will have JD up and running again in no time.:)



Thanks. Will mail out head tomorrow, hopefully we can cross ship. Should I resolve this post or wait until I get the replacement and know it is working ? Thanks


Warrantied, new head on the way. Thanks to all.